Custom T-Shirts Printing How to Design Your T-Shirt

It’s packed, full of holes. But you can’t just seem to throw it out. It’s full of holidays. This is one of us, because often one of the first things people notice about you is the design of your t-shirt. T-shirts are part of our identity for many of us. (And free publicity for others!)

Have you got an idea about a killer t-shirt and other people would feel the same way? Do you want alternative ways to promote your company or make side incomes with goods? Want to recall a special event, such as a family gathering or bachelor party? Regardless of your reasons, the fundamentals of shirt design remain the same. We’ll take every step from the development of a prototype to the production of your shirt with you in this new T-Shirt design guide. Regardless (or how little) your history, these t-shirts teach you everything you need to know.

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But what about the model if you can’t make it?!

Photoshop and Illustrator are expensive software, not least that not all are helped by the eye for design or time to learn the skills needed to make such designs.

It is inexcusable to sign off yourself as a potential clothing store owner with all the tools available at our disposal, simply because you may lack development capital. In this blog post, we explain a few ways in which you will find a graphic designer for your t-shirt design.

Here is a list of tools to identify and hire a talented developer who is capable of making your dream tangible.

T-Shirt Niche Collection and Print on Product Ideas:

Print on Demand has many niches. That niche has its collection of jargon, purchasing factors, and common t-shirt design ideas, so understanding your niche makes it easier for you to create products they’ll purchase.

Below are some of today’s most common t-shirt ideas, plus some print-on-demand items to use.


People love their dog, so last year’s pet industry is $72.13 billion industry based on American Dog Products Association results.

You can go for popular sub-niches like dogs, cats, or birds, but there’s also a demand for rare pets or large animals like horses, lizards, wolves, and rabbits.


Statement shirts are great to chat starters. Humour-related POD merchandise could have funny pictures, punchy one-liners, nerdy jokes, or memes.

To give potential customers a sense of how a shirt will look like when worn, using Place it’s t-shirt mockups.


You may hate your job now, but millions of people wake up proud of what they do every morning.

Nonetheless, not all jobs are common, and some have more committed employees. For example, lawyers or accountants have less love than doctors, military, or firefighters.

Sports, Lifestyle, and Hobbies:

The reason people buy personalised products is showing off their hobbies, activities, or lifestyle.

Family and Relationships:

Have you ever seen a shirt saying “Worlds #1 Mother,” and wondered, “Who’d wear it?”Shirts are common, particularly on Mother’s Day.  You can also find custom t shirts australia pieces for single dads, newly-engaged women, sibling love, newlyweds, and grandparents. Even a t-shirt niche list includes friends and colleagues.

Location and Travel:

Nearly every tourist destination will have shirts and antiques named after their local attractions. Travel quotations, art, local delicacies and maps are used in travel-related goods-related printing.

Seasonal Designs:

Christmas sweaters aren’t the only item you can sell on vacation. Seasonal shirt designs include Thanksgiving, graduation, Valentines, Halloween, and other holidays. Religious holidays like Hanukkah or lesser-known holidays like National Pasta Day also have their place on the market, but only if your promotions are well-timed.

Ways to Choose a Niche:

POD shirts, hats, boots, and other custom-printed items are what people call “impulse buys,” so the best way to sell them is to target the emotions of people.

People buy these items because they want to show off their uniqueness, whether it’s their work, pet, hobby, sport, or just visited a country — the model reveals something about them.


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