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10 Popular T Shirt Style You Can Wear

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T shirts have become an essential part of our wardrobes. Since their creation in the 1800s, they have gained tremendous popularity among men and women. You can wear them in informal and formal settings – workplace, parties, and more. 

T shirts offer versatility and can be fashioned in different ways to create the look you desire. They have considerably evolved and are available in numerous colours and fabrics. To help you choose the most fitting t shirt, read our list of the most popular t shirt styles.

Crewneck T Shirt Style

Crewneck or Classic t shirt style boast a round neckline with no collar. They fit around the body and do not hang loose, accentuating the upper body. You can wear them with a variety of outfits. They are primarily worn in summers, as they keep the body relaxed and provide flexibility and comfort. In winter, crewneck t shirts can be layered with a shirt or a pullover.

Crewneck T Shirt Style
Crewneck T Shirt Style


Polo remains one of the most popular t shirt styles available in the market. It is considered a commixture of classic Oxford shirts and t shirts, which tastefully blends the swanky and casual elements of both. It features a collar with 2-3 buttons and is available in short and long sleeves.

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Typically, Polos produced for the mass market are made from various fabric materials such as cotton, polyester, and spandex. On the other hand, premium polo t shirts are made from a soft cotton double-weave fabric called Pique. They are ideal to be part of both casual and formal attire.

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V-Neck T Shirt Style

V-neck t shirts feature a V-shaped collarless neckline, and it is available in a relaxed and tight fit. This t shirt style is considered less formal than crewneck and is suitable for people with shorter and plumper physiques. You can wear them as an undergarment or standalone and pair them with winter outfits too. If you want to feel comfortable in summers and winters, select V-necks that are soft and flexible.

V-neck T Shirt Style
V-neck T Shirt Style


Y-necks or Henley t shirts are a fusion of crewneck and V-neck styles. They derive their name from an English town Henley-on-Thames, where rowers donned them. They are collarless and feature 2-5 buttons on the V portion of the t shirt. They are casual and are available in short and long sleeves.

Henley style t shirts are suitable for any physique and streamlined to make you appear slimmer. We suggest you pick muted colours like grey, white and navy blue. It is superbly comfortable and will be a striking addition to your wardrobe.

Slim Fit

Slim fit t shirt style aims to fit the body, primarily by contracting the cut through the waist and midsection. They usually are used as undershirts as they cling to the body. They can be worn as standalone, too, if you have an athletic body and want to exhibit your toned body. 

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Long Sleeve 

Long sleeve shirts blend the comfort of a t shirt with the elegance of a dress shirt. It features full sleeves that extend and envelope arms up to the wrist. Typically these tees are worn in Autumn and Spring seasons when temperatures subside. However, you can also wear them in summer if their fabric material comprises pure cotton. And also, in winter, when you can layer them beneath a jacket, knitwear, or a sweater.

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Raglan T Shirt Style

Raglan t shirts, also known as baseball tees – are characterised by long sleeves that extend to the collar and neckline while featuring a diagonal seam. Typically, the sleeves of raglan t shirts differ in colour from the rest of the t shirts. These t shirts offer comfort, the flexibility of movement, easy layering options, and accentuate well-defined shoulders.

Raglan T Shirt Style
Raglan T Shirt Style

Graphic T Shirt Style

Graphic t shirts are also widely acclaimed among men and women, particularly young people. These tees feature a graphical design or an image, which is a screen printed on them. There are varied design options available to choose from – patterns, sci-fi, company logos, nature, pets, and many others. 

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Tank Tops

A tank top is a casual sleeveless shirt with wide shoulder straps and no front opening, worn by men and women. It sports a deep neck with varying straps. They are made from lightweight materials and worn in summers primarily by athletes, joggers, and bodybuilders to flaunt their toned physiques.

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Cap Sleeve

Cap sleeves add a funky touch to tees. They feature a round neck and short cut sleeves that fit the shoulder and provide a vertical cap outline for the physique. They are ideal for you if you are muscular and want to flaunt your toned arms.

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