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14 Tips to Keep Your White T shirts White

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We relish our clothes and for some of us, our white t shirts hold immense significance. They are striking as they cool our body temperature, make us comfortable, and enhance our appearance. They are an essential part of our wardrobe.

However, we also fret about maintaining them, especially their quality and colour. Whether it is the wear and tear or any stains – we always strive to safeguard our white tees and ensure their longevity. And it is perplexing to think about how one can ensure that our white t shirts remain white.

We have created a list of beneficial tips to help you keep your white t shirts white, bright, and crisp.

Wash White T shirts After One Or Two Wears

The accumulation of sweat and body oils causes white tees to turn yellow or gray. Therefore, it is recommended to wash your tees after one or two wears, and frequent washing of tees will help you maintain the whiteness of your tees.

Avoid Washing White T shirts Collectively With Other Clothes 

The most common mistake people make is to wash white tees with clothes of different colours. Some fabrics release colours and fade out after a few washes. It causes your white tees to soak that colour and turn grey. A simple solution is to wash your white T shirts separately.

Avoid Washing White T shirts with others
Avoid Washing White T shirts with others

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Use Fabric Whiteners

Fabric whiteners offer an excellent way to remove any stains and keep your t shirts white. When buying a whitener, make sure it contains borax and sodium bicarbonate. Fabric whiteners will remove tough stains and brighten your white tees.

Homemade Laundry Solutions To Keep Your White T shirts White

Natural fabric whiteners will also come to your aid when you try to do away with the dingy white stains of food or sweat on your t shirts. You can use the following ingredients for cleaning your white t shirts.

White vinegar contains acidic elements, which will obliterate dirt stains and make your tees brighter. 

Lemon juice also provides an excellent alternative to bleach when whitening your t shirts.  

Soda bicarbonate is a natural cleanser, and it will help remove those tough stains and enhance the whiteness of your white tees.

Hydrogen Peroxide is also highly effective at whitening fabrics. It will help you remove stains, eradicate odours from your white t shirts, and cleanse and disinfect your washing machine. 

Avoid Stacking Clothes When Washing

It is recommended that you put small loads of clothes and avoid packing them in a washing machine. It might also overwhelm the stain-fighting ability of the detergent, resulting in damaging your white tees. Therefore, it is recommended that you never fill your washing machine beyond two-thirds full.

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Try To Eliminate Tough Stains Beforehand

If your white tees are ridden with harsh stains, it is advisable to wash and treat those stains before cleaning them in the washing machine. For instance, you could soak dirty white tees in warm water for an hour before putting them in the washing machine. 

Ensure Suitable Water Temperature

Hot water can work wonders when eliminating those tough stain marks, but it can also cause shrinkage. Hence, it is suitable that you start washing your clothes with cold water and later use hot water.

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Clean Your Washing Machine Frequently

Experts recommend cleaning your washing machine often to eliminate any buildup of dirt or grime inside the drum. The accumulated dirt inside your washing machine will make your t shirts dirtier. Hence, it is recommended to clean your washing machine frequently.

Clean Your Washing Machine
Clean Your Washing Machine

Examine T shirts For Any Marks

Check your tees carefully before drying them. If you find any remaining stains, rewash them. Never dry your tees at high temperatures as it may cause lasting damage by forcing them to become permanent. 

Read Clothing Labels Carefully

Clothing labels contain vital information regarding how to and how not to wash your clothes. Hence, you should examine the clothing label and wash your tees accordingly.

Read Clothing Labels
Read Clothing Labels

Avoid Using Bleach

Excessive use of bleach may cause your white t shirts to turn yellow. Therefore it is recommended that you use bleach only on t shirts entirely made from cotton. 

Dry White T shirts Under The Sun

Nature is our best friend. So why not use it to preserve our favourite white tees? Using sunlight to dry your white t shirts is a superb solution! Sunlight will enable your white t shirts to maintain their colour and hold the fabric.

Dry White T shirts Under The Sun
Dry White T shirts Under The Sun

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Ironing At Low Temperature

Be sure to use precautions when ironing your tees and avoid using high heat. Even ironing at high temperatures can leave permanent marks on your t shirts. Therefore, use lower temperatures to iron t shirts.

Appropriate Storage

When storing your white t shirts, you must use cotton garment bags, plastic bags, and baskets. They allow for increased airflow and prevent your tees from turning yellow. In addition, store in a cool, dry place devoid of moisture. 

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