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Finest Hats for Men to Look Classy & Stylish

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For centuries hats have been considered a symbol of elegance, respectability, and class. It was an essential part of a gentleman’s wardrobe at one time. For today’s men, the significance of hats hasn’t lessened as they showcase your fashion statement and embellish your overall casual style, formal or any other kind of attire. There are countless types of hats available in the market, and it can be a real dilemma to choose the right type of hat. Therefore, we have compiled a list including the best hats for men to select the correct type of hat.


Our top pick is the Fedora hat. Its timeless style is reminiscent of classic Hollywood movies. Indiana Jones adored Fedoras, remember? Traditionally, Fedoras are crafted from cashmere, wool, or animal felt, which offer supreme comfort. Fedoras are exceptionally classy and versatile, making them suitable for pairing with a suit or even semi-casual attire.


Our following selection is the popular casual and swanky snapback cap, which originated in the 90s. They feature a structured body, a five-panel style, a flat bill, and a plastic pin-and-hole closure at the back. They are pretty popular with men who prefer streetwear and an exceptional casual style.

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Though they may appear similar to Fedoras, Trilby is more of a fashion symbol. Historically, it was known to be the hat of affluent classes, and it was donned by wealthy men at Derby races and other ritzy events. The pop band musicians bolstered their recent popularity in the early 2000s. A typical Trilby hat is made from animal felt and features a short brim, angled down in front and angled up at the back. They are superbly trendy and enhance your stylish appearance.


Panama hats are exceedingly stylish and elicit images of tropical islands and stunning beaches. They were sported by 007 in James Bond, and no wonder they bestowed classical elegance on 007. And mind you, they originated in Ecuador, not Panama. They are feathery, light, breathable and versatile; and feature a high crown, a brim and a bond or ribbon. You can pair them with white linen or silk shirts, pants, and shorts.

Father & Son Wearing Panama Hats
Father & Son Wearing Panama Hats

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Bucket Hat

They were created to protect Irish farmers and fishermen from rain. The bucket hat has evolved to become a favourite hat that can be paired with casual wear. It gained tremendous popularity during the late 80s and early 90s rave culture. They are made from cotton or wool and feature a downward brim with eyelets over the crown. This hat is a superb choice for men fond of streetwear fashion. You can pair them with cardigans, tees and loafers to make a glitzy fashion statement.

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Bowler or Derby hats are quintessentially classic and traditional British style hats with origins in 19th century England and worn by the British aristocratic classes. They feature a rounded crown and a stiff brim that bends up slightly softly in the front and back. You will like to pair them with a tuxedo or three-piece suit to add traditional elegance to your outfit.

Baseball Cap

How can we not mention the iconic baseball cap? It remains as popular as ever due to its versatility and style with notable features, including a soft hat with a rounded crown and a stiff bill protruding in front. Probably, no other cap offers the potential to be worn with different styles. You can pair them with jeans or a blazer for a trendy look!

Baseball Hats for Men
Baseball Hats for Men

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Flat Cap

Do you like David Beckham’s magnetic style? Or are you a die-hard fan of The Peaky Binders? If yes, then you will adore the flat cap. It is quite popular among celebrities – Jason Statham, Colin Farrell, and Pierce Brosnan wear them. These caps are crafted from wool, tweed or cotton; and feature a rounded cap with soft fabric construction and a short, rounded front brim. They can be perfectly paired with smart casual outfits to exhibit a charming look.

Newsboy Cap

Newsboy cap typifies suave and versatility. Though they emerged in the 19th century, their modern resurrection took place in the 2000s. And since then, they have been an essential headwear item for the leading fashion houses and a favourite hat of the upper crust. They feature a curved panel and a button on top, which fastens the front to the brim. You can wear them with a jacket or a blazer, while they will look exceptionally classy with smart casual or casual styles.

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