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How To Fade A T-shirt

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In the modern fashion trend worldwide, faded clothes are becoming a new preference. They are being presented as vintage, period and era clothing by style, feel and outlook. The question arises of why faded clothes can become a fashion when this capitalistic world and trends constantly refer to new things, new ideas, and new looks. Probably we are seeking association, memory and reminder of our past, which is still valuable to us. You must have noticed some people keep things as a memoir and remember friends, relatives or an event that impacts their lives positively or negatively. That object is a source of trace and connection with the older you and reminds you of that critical incident or feeling. And this is the possible answer to the query of why people like or want to carry vintage and faded clothes as a fashion trend in 2021. Keeping this new trend in mind and the interest of the users who like to wear faded t-shirts, here is to help you understand this idea in detail.

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Vintage Faded T Shirt
Vintage Faded T Shirt

Old is Gold 

It is a very appropriate saying of old times that fit with wearing a faded shirt. The world view is transforming, and the fast paced industry and human race trying to find solace in tradition, cultural practices and vintage heritage. You must have noticed that the idea of conservation, documentation and preserving nature, buildings, rituals, languages and so forth has been in practice for the whole last decade. 

Old Is Gold
Old Is Gold

Now, the old is a new category to put a value on vintage stuff. A clothing item needs to be between 20 to 50 years old to stand in the category of antique. So the same idea and value of being mimicked by the fashion industry and the people who like following trends. This gives rise to the new interest and range of fashion clothing that seems old, vintage, distressed and faded. In the following article, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide and methods that can help you achieve this fashion look by using a few remedies at home. 

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How do you make a shirt look vintage or faded?

The faded t-shirt treatment needs some ingredients which can be readily available, mainly in your home pantry or across the departmental store. Here are a few fading techniques for your new t-shirt to achieve a vintage look. It is advisable to use these techniques two to three times to get the desirable results and get the accurate fade on the t-shirt that you are looking for.

Faded & New Shirts
Faded & New Shirts

Bleach To Fade A T-shirt

Bleach is a chemical that is used to cut the colour of clothes. It can be effective for fading the sharpness of the print on the t-shirt and dim the fabric base colour. The proportions of bleach concoctions should be mixed carefully with water as it is a natural corrosive chemical and can permanently damage the fabric. The dilution needs to be in balance to fade the t-shirt and not to damage it irreversibly.

Step 1: Boil 6 cups of water with half a cup of salt until it fully dissolves.

Step 2: Cool it down to room temperature and pour the liquid into a plastic container.

Step 3: Measure two cups of colour safe bleach and mix it into the salt and water mixture.

Step 4: Put your t-shirt into this solution and let it soak overnight.

Step 5: Wear rubber gloves, rub the shirt with medium strokes, and then rinse it with warm water.

Step 6: Let the shirt dry and see if the fade is visible as your desired look; otherwise, repeat the process one more time. 

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Bleach Powder & Bottles
Bleach Powder & Bottles

Lemon And Vinegar Soak For Fading Colours

Suppose you get a band t-shirt with high vibrant colours and intend to tone down the hues to make it look like a vintage rock band shirt. Lemon and vinegar are the natural colour faders that need to be mixed with a water ratio to lighten the print’s fast colours on the shirt. 

Step 1: Take a plastic bucket and container, put one part lemon juice with three-part water, and soak the shirt in the mixture.

Step 2: Let the t-shirt soak in for 24 hours, which will soften the t shirt printed colour.

Step 3: Take soft sandpaper and rub the edges of the printed outline and neckline where you need light effect. 

Step 4: Wash it with warm water and let it dry to see the effect on the shirt. 

Step 5: Wear it if you get the desired outlook; otherwise, repeat the process with vinegar and water 1:3 ratio and rub off the colour using sandpaper. 

Step 6: Wash the shirt with detergent to remove the smell of vinegar and wash it with warm water. Let it dry, and your shirt is ready to wear with a perfect fade. 

Lemon & Vinegar Soak Fading
Lemon & Vinegar Soak Fading

Hot Wash Technique For Vintage T-shirt

Hot water wash can be utilized in two variant cases of fading your shirt to look vintage or distressed. If you get a softer colour of the t-shirt and you just want to dim the overall shine of new cloth. Put half a cup of salt in 6 cups of water and throw your shirt into steaming hot water. Leave it for a couple of hours and then give it a detergent wash, rinse to dry.

The darker coloured or especially black shirts needs more time to fade. So use one of the methods mentioned earlier on your t-shirts and then put them in steaming hot water to speed up the fading process to achieve the vintage look of the t-shirt.

Hot Water form Tap
Hot Water form Tap

Final Words

The trend of wearing a faded shirt that looks vintage is another fashion that is simmering in Australia. The reason behind carrying this look might have roots in finding the connection and association with the important people, ideas and memory that matters to an individual. There is a feeling of comfort and remembrance to look for and carry faded and vintage shirts or pieces of clothes. We are sharing a few techniques to treat your new shirts into faded shirts at home. Enjoy your faded shirts. 

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