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Funky and Trendy Family Vacation Tee Shirt Ideas

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Summer is a season of enjoyment, where people love to spend time outdoors, go on vacations, and have fun. It is the time when everyone likes to wear fresh colours­ and comfortable clothes, and the most preferred apparel is;

a tee shirt, TaDaaaaaaaa… 

Irrespective of gender and age, people love to wear t-shirts on normal days. If you are not bound by any specific dress code at your workplace, college, university, or any other place, you can always opt for a relaxing look to ensure both efficiency and comfort.

Pawfect Family Vacation Tee Shirt Ideas


Family vacations are the perfect time to create moments & memories, and what better way to commemorate these moments than with custom-designed family vacation t-shirts

Here are some creative and fun ideas for your family vacation tees that will add an extra layer of excitement to your trip: 

City Icons 

City Icons printed on t shirts

What about pyramids?

Print iconic landmarks and symbols from the destinations you’ve visited to create unique vacation shirts. These personalised shirts will be a fun and memorable way to showcase your family’s travels and make great conversation starters.

Family Mascots

Custom Family Mascots T-Shirt

How about having a funny one?

Transform your family gatherings into memorable events by designing exclusive mascots or characters representing each family member. Print these mascots on your shirts to take your family bonding to the next level. Be creative, have fun, and enjoy the moment that you remember forever. 

Vacation Checklist

Vacation Checklist Printed on T Shirts

Start from Australia’s Pink Lakes?

Make your family vacation planning hassle-free and unforgettable. Print a checklist of must-have items and exciting activities on the back of your shirts. Keep track of everything you need and never miss out on the fun. How about making a list of your go-to destinations and mark them with tick to ensure what you have explored and what remains in the list.

Your Designs, Our Expert Printing

Trust T-shirts Plus to bring your designs to life with expert printing. Create custom garments that reflect your style and personality.

Travel Quotes

Travel Quotes printed on t shirts

“Live with No Excuse”

Don’t settle for a run-of-the-mill shirt design. Take charge and create a personalised shirt that inspires you. Adding travel quotes or family mottos to your design will make it unique and unique. So, why wait? Choose your favourite quotes or mottos and assert your creative flair by crafting a custom shirt design. What about writing “Here, There, Everywhere”.

Matching Puzzles 

Matching Puzzles printed on T Shirts

Create a meaningful experience for your family with puzzle pieces that fit together when they wear their shirts. This innovative design will symbolise the strong bond and togetherness within your family. Make your family’s connection stronger with this exceptional idea. How about matching the vibes of all boys puzzle at one design and all girls at one? 

Vintage Postcards

Vintage Postcards Printed on T Shirts

You are looking for a unique way to capture the essence of your vacation destinations? Consider creating vintage-style postcards featuring photos or illustrations that truly embody the theme. They will serve as a perfect memento for your travels and make for a fantastic conversation starter and a great way to share your experiences with your loved ones. Well! start designing your own postcards with us and relive your vacation memories in a new way. 

Emoji Collage

Emoji Collage on t shirts

By designing a collage using emojis that depict the different emotions and experiences from your family travels you can create a fun way of capturing those special moments. The use of emojis will not only add a touch of creativity but also make it easier for you and your family to remember the amazing memories you shared. You can opt one emoji for each family member.

Adventure Maps

Adventure Maps On T Shirts

Create an awe-inspiring map that showcases your family’s travel adventures. Enrich it with historical spots and destinations to make it more appealing and memorable. Every time you wear it, you feel vibing the same as when you were at that place. How about displaying your favourite destination with best description ever.

Nature Vibes

Nature Vibes printed on t shirts

Create lasting memories of your vacations by printing stunning silhouettes of the natural landscapes or wildlife you encounter. With these prints, you can relive those special moments anytime you want. Don’t let your cherished memories fade away, preserve them with beautiful silhouettes.

Adventure Logos

Adventure Logos printed on T Shirts

Create unique logos or emblems for your family’s thrilling escapades, reminiscent of the adventurous spirit of sports brands. Stand out from the crowd and make your family adventures even more memorable with personalised emblems that capture your family’s unique identity. Why not to display your images or funky logos of them or even animations out of it. Think differently.

Travel Stamps

Travel Stamps Printed on T Shirts

Transform your family travel memories into a stunning design that mimics passport stamps. With this unique and creative idea, you’ll have a visual representation of all the amazing places you’ve visited together. Get started now and turn your cherished moments into a work of art.

Family Portrait

Family Portrait

Transform your vacation shirts into personalised keepsakes by printing a stylised family portrait or caricature on them. Not only this add a unique touch to your outfits, but it will also create a lasting memory of trip that you cherish for years to come. Don’t settle for generic souvenirs – make your vacation truly unforgettable with custom-made shirts that reflect your family’s individuality.

Road Trip Route

Road Trip Route

Create a stunning visual representation of your family road trip by plotting all your stops and attractions on a map. With this, you’ll have a clear idea of the route you’ll be taking, and the exciting places you’ll be visiting along the way. 

Comic Strip

Comic Strip

Looking to cherish your family travel memories in a unique and creative way? Consider creating a comic strip-style design that captures all the funny and memorable moments from your family’s journey. This personalised artwork will not only entertain your family and friends but also serve as a special keepsake for years to come.

Memory Collage

Memory Collage

Take control of your fashion and memories with custom photo collage tee shirts. Don’t let those precious moments become a distant memory on your camera roll. Bring them to life and create a bold statement representing your family’s best time. Indeed this the best idea we suggest for garment printing.

Adventure Symbols

Adventure Symbols

Designing symbols to represent your family’s adventure activities is a fantastic idea. Imagine having an icon for each of your favorite activities, such as hiking, snorkeling, or camping. It would not only add a touch of creativity to your family’s adventures, but it would also make them more memorable. So, why not get started on creating these symbols today?

Globe Trotter

Globe Trotter

There is nothing quite like exploring the world with your loved ones. As a family, we have been fortunate enough to travel to multiple destinations, creating unforgettable memories along the way. To commemorate our adventures, we would love to have a beautiful illustration of the globe with dotted lines connecting the places we have visited. 

Family Taglines

Family Taglines

Best and hilarious idea for tee shirt printing. We always have special lines from our family members. Mostly we get taglines from mothers but how about displaying them on t-shirts. Let’s say “you lazy bean”. Now imagine you carry your favourite tagline said by mother, father, brother or any relation. It will not only keeps you happy but also feels like a love from your loved ones.

Funny and Catchy Phrases 

Funny and Catchy Phrases 

Use puns related to your destination to make your travel experience more fun and memorable! For instance, if you’re visiting Wales, you can say, “We’re having a whale of a time in Wales!” Don’t miss the chance to add some humour to your trip and make it truly unforgettable.

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Favorite Movie/TV Themes

Favorite Movie/TV Themes

Imagine how exciting it would be to incorporate elements from your family’s favourite movie or TV show into your daily life. By doing so, you can create a shared experience that everyone can enjoy together. So why not take a moment to consider what elements you can incorporate and get ready to make some great memories with your loved ones. Let us help you in finding the best movies, how about Kung Fu Panda, Hotel Transylvania, Secret Life of Pets, The Nun or Fast & Furious.

Personalised with Names, Dates and Year

Personalised with Names, Dates and Year

By providing the names of each family member and the year of their vacation, you are helping us create a memorable t shirt that will be cherished for years to come. Your contribution will ensure that your family’s special moments will be documented and remembered for generations.

T-Shirts ‘Fill in the Blank’ 

T-Shirts 'Fill in the Blank' 

Create a unique family bonding experience by designing shirts with customisable sentences, allowing each member to share their favourite moment from the trip. Place a blank after the sentence so whenever you see it, you speak about it more like a hint.

Nature and Wildlife Inspired Flora and Fauna 

Nature and Wildlife Inspired Flora and Fauna 

Remember your vacation experience by using illustrations of the local wildlife or unique plants found in your destination. These drawings will not only add visual interest to your trip, but also help you appreciate the area’s natural beauty. By showcasing the flora and fauna of your vacation spot, you can create a lasting memory of your trip and inspire others to visit and appreciate the world’s natural wonders.

Sporty Themes

Sporty Themes

We always know vacations are the time when we plan different activities, especially games. This time, choose your sport and design your T-shirt according to that. Whether you are a badminton, football, basketball, or any other game freak, just make sure the T-shirt speaks itself about your style and pro game tactics. Wear it to show your bossy look. Enjoy vacations with custom printing. Combine game and creativity.

Cultural Elements 

Cultural Elements 

Explore the culture of your destination by infusing traditional patterns or symbols in your design. Not only will it add a touch of authenticity to your trip, but it will also showcase your respect for the local culture. 

Reflecting traditional designs is a powerful way to pay homage to the destination’s history and create a deeper connection with the local community. 


A custom t-shirt can add fun to your family vacation and give your group a cohesive look. Additionally, these t-shirts can serve as a lasting reminder of your time together. If you put a bit of creativity into your t-shirts, they can be as unique and memorable as your vacation.

Depending on your needs, you can choose from screen printing, DTG, DTF printing, vinyl printing or dye sublimation printing. At the end all we suggest is to try to make your experience best, creative and customised. Opt the printing options,you completely own. Design, get prints and flaunt with confidence. Have a good vacation time with your family. 

Image Source: ChatGPT

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