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17 Ideas for Bachelor Party T shirt

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A bachelor party is a time of festivity for a man who is about to get married. It typically includes various male-bonding activities such as overdrinking, playing sports, and sometimes bar-hopping. Such parties enable the groom to bid farewell to single life and embark on a new journey with the partner. When planning a bachelor party, you have to take various factors into account, such as when and where to arrange the bachelor party? Who gets the invitation? Which activities to include? What kind of t shirts are they going to wear? Men cherish tees because they are comfortable, trendy, and versatile. These features also make them an incredible choice for bachelor party t shirts.

We have compiled a list of the most dynamic designs with novel and witty slogans for bachelor party custom t shirts.

Single For One More Night

Bidding farewell to bachelorhood is not easy. You may have to say goodbye to some friends, habits, and activities. You can display ‘Single for one more night’ on your t shirt and celebrate your last night of freedom.

Single For One More Night
Single For One More Night

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Dark Humour 

If you are a cynic and want to present a ‘realistic’ image of married life, you prefer the slogan ‘Soon-To-Be-Wed Sounds Eerily Similar to Soon-To-Be-Dead’ or ‘Soon to join the dark side.’ We hope your partner doesn’t take it seriously!

'Soon to Join the Dark Side' - Bachelor Party T Shirt
‘Soon to Join the Dark Side’ – Bachelor Party T Shirt

When You Have Lots Of Admirers!

The slogan ‘Sorry ladies… This guy’s getting married’ is perfectly suitable for guys for whom many girls are falling heads over heels. You can even add the variation, ‘Sorry ladies… Better luck next time.’

Sorry Ladies… This Guy's Getting Married
Sorry Ladies… This Guy’s Getting Married

Family Relationship Names

If you are a family man and want to flaunt your familial ties proudly, you could display your family member’s name and their relationship with you on their t shirt. E.g., ‘The Father of the Groom – Name’ or ‘The Brother of the Groom – Name.’

The Father of the Groom
The Father of the Groom

Too Excited!

If you are super excited about your wedding day and still fall short of expressing your happiness, display the slogan ‘So Excited – I am getting married.’

So Excited – I am getting married
So Excited – I am getting married

Finally, I Am Getting Married!

Have you been eagerly waiting for this wedding all your life? If yes, then go for the slogan ‘Finally, I am getting married.’ We think a tee with this slogan will encapsulate your excitement.

Finally, I Am Getting Married
Finally, I Am Getting Married

Keep Calm

It is the most popular slogan used for various occasions and events. You can flaunt the slogan – ‘Keep Calm, it’s my bachelor party’ or ‘Keep Calm, it’s my marriage.’

Keep Calm, it's my bachelor party
Keep Calm, it’s my bachelor party

Bachelor Party Checklist

It is undoubtedly for those guys with a jovial mood. The ‘Bachelor party checklist’ will bring a humorous element to the party.

Under New Management

The slogan ‘Under new management – Just married’ indicates a new chapter in a groom’s life.

Under New Management
Under New Management

Prohibition Sign

A slogan with a prohibition sign indicates that something is forbidden. In this case, however, the ladies are prohibited from entering. If you throw a party with no girls allowed, you could imprint this slogan on your tee, ‘No Girls Allowed.’

'No Girls Allowed' - Bachelor Party T shirt
‘No Girls Allowed’ – Bachelor Party T shirt

Lucky in Love

If your partner has swept you off your feet, there is no other way to commemorate that than by displaying this slogan on your tee – ‘Lucky in Love.’

Lucky in Love
Lucky in Love

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Farewell Tour

This slogan design displays like a famous band’s farewell tour tee. You can employ creative techniques and customise your shirts with the groom’s name. At the same time, the back of the tee could feature the names of the attendees in the party or activities you wish to engage in during the party.

Stag Party

This design is another classic for bachelor parties, featuring a stag with ‘Stag Party’ imprinted on the tee. You can wear it to other bachelor parties too.

Stag Party
Stag Party

Cheeky Humour

If you prefer cheeky humour and don’t mind showing it off your tee, then the slogan, ‘Stripper on the Knee and a Drink in Hand,’ might synchronise with your taste. We recommend using it if you throw a party solely reserved for men.

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Customise Your Bachelor Party T Shirts with Creative Slogans
Bachelor Party t Shirts


The tuxedo design is chic and simple. It will add a touch of class to your tee. We believe the tuxedo design is aptly suitable for you if you prefer a formal old-school way.

The last ride

This last ride before the Ring T-Shirt will add enjoyable and positive memories to your wedding. Grab a beer, ignite a cigar, and prepare to swing for your life! The ideal gift for the groom and his groomsmen to enjoy one last round of drinking before the wedding. 

The last ride t shirt printing design
The last ride t shirt printing design

Game Over

Another question that necessitates the bachelorette’s sense of humour. It’s always entertaining for the bachelor party crew to make fun of the groom-to-be; sure, the bachelor party is the end of the single life game. Plus, it’s the beginning of a new game; let’s hope the bachelor isn’t as depressed as the man on this t-shirt. 

Gave Over design for t shirt printing
Game Over design for t shirt printing

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