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T-Shirt Trends 2D artwork 2023/24

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There are many kinds of design trends that are popular for custom design t shirts online businesses. We are analyzing the custom design t shirt trends of the last couple of years to realize what is missing. We observe that the online market is bombarded with complex designs nowadays. The general understanding is that complicated or simple things can not fully communicate ideas or feelings. In this article, we like to challenge this idea and show you some sample artwork in which the 2D simple matchstick figures as a design presenting the emotion most effectively.

Matchstick Man Holding Stick Gun
Matchstick Man Holding Stick Gun

2D Matchstick Figures As T Shirt Artwork Trend

2D designs or graphics refer to a two-dimensional image that shows the length and breadth of the figure or object. This type of design is traced in prehistoric cave paintings with the matchstick figures of humans or animals.

These initial matchstick figure drawings became the source of developing writing systems thousands of years later in the evolution of languages and communication. They are the exact 2D matchstick figures which we use as communication symbols all over the world today on toilets, bus stops and other general public areas.

Ancient Rock Art or Stone Age Painting
Ancient Rock Art or Stone Age Painting

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So when we say simple is beautiful, we refer to the root of this 2D design of matchstick figures and the rich history of this idea. We believe that for the new t shirt custom design, this trend will be unique and stand out in the market where there are only overwhelming complex designs available. 

2D T Shirt Artwork For Sports Clubs

The image above is a 2D action figure representing different sports activities in a simple and minimalist way. The sports clubs that offer several sports or may deal with one sport exclusively can utilize this type of custom design to be printed on their branded t shirts.

The quality of this type of artwork is that it can be printed on any colour of the t shirt if needed just by reversing the colour. For example, if the t shirt of the club is blue, the icon should be printed on the t shirt in a contrasting colour for better visibility.

2D T-Shirt Artwork For Sports Clubs
2D T-Shirt Artwork For Sports Clubs

T Shirt Artwork For Golf Fans

The matchstick figures playing golf are so candid and communicating as we can see the expression of both the characters in the minimal strokes of drawing. Therefore, this graphic is the most suitable for white t shirt printing.

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Matchstick T-Shirt Artwork For Golf Fans
Matchstick T-Shirt Artwork For Golf Fans

T Shirt Artwork For Soccer Players

Whether you are a soccer fan or a player, this matchstick artwork t shirt is a must-have apparel in your wardrobe. The graphic; has a distinctive attitude of sportsman spirit and a very expressive “let’s play” feel to it. It will look fabulous on the white t shirt and look equally lovely in contrasting colours like yellow on deep blue.

Matchstick T-Shirt Artwork For Soccer Players
Matchstick T-Shirt Artwork For Soccer Players

T Shirt Artwork For Playfulness

Suppose you are interested in t shirt trends which can be a hot sell. You must pick up design ideas that can cater to a larger cross-section of the buyers. Picking up the designs with the softer aspects of sportiness could cover the section of your consumers who are not inspired by hardcore sports but like to explore life otherwise. An attractive, playful visual of a jigsaw puzzle can be an exciting 2D graphic design example that people want to buy for friends or younger siblings.

Matchstick T-Shirt Artwork For Playfulness
Matchstick T-Shirt Artwork For Playfulness

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2D T Shirt Artwork Light Bulb Idea

There is always a light bulb holder in a friend’s gang. This 2D artwork is perfect for celebrating friendship and appreciating each other’s presence in our lives. A thematic t shirt is the best gift for reunion parties of friends or shipping them to friends who live in different countries. You can also add the names underneath the line of characters referring to your friend’s circle.

2D T-Shirt Artwork Light Bulb Idea
2D T-Shirt Artwork Light Bulb Idea

Wrapping Up

Every artwork and type of design trend has roots somewhere in the history of human evolution and the development of communication. This article studies the t shirt businesses and the use of complicated designs trending from the last few years. We believe that the trends are ever-changing, and keeping this fact in mind, we are suggesting 2D artwork printing ideas for 2023/24 t shirt trends. We believe that beauty lies in simplicity. Have a simple happy life.

Image Source: Shutterstock

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