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Understanding Crop Tops in a Professional Setting

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Dress codes vary significantly from workplace to workplace. But if your workplace is creative, casual, and not overly corporate, you can wear your weekend-exclusive favourite trend to work.

As the fashion world evolves, it constantly introduces new trends and reintroduces old ones. One item from the 90s fashion has recently made a remarkable comeback – the crop top

This piece has found a permanent spot in many wardrobes around the globe, yet a general question persists: are crop tops appropriate for work? The answer is nuanced and relies heavily on your work environment, the company’s dress code, and how you style your cropped item.

Deciphering the Crop Top

In its simplest form, a crop top is a shirt or blouse that ends above the waist, unveiling a midriff section. It has cemented itself as a key player in casual and day-to-night fashion. Yet, despite its popularity, the debate over its place in a professional setting remains.

The Essence of Workplace Dress Codes

Recognising your workplace’s dress code is crucial when deliberating the appropriateness of crop tops. Catch tops are too casual for businesses adhering to a strict formal dress code. Conversely, a well-styled crop top could cut your professional wardrobe in a relaxed business setting or creative fields with more flexible dress codes.

The Art of Styling Crop Tops for Work

Styling a crop top for work requires careful consideration. The aim is to look trendy while maintaining a professional demeanour. A foolproof method is teaming your crop top with high-waisted pants or bottoms. This pairing considerably reduces the exposure midriff, balancing contemporary and professional.

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Furthermore, adding a layering piece such as a blazer or a sophisticated cardigan to your crop top can transform the overall look, making it more suitable for the work environment. This way, you can wear crop tops and still adhere to business casual standards.

Another noteworthy aspect is that crop tops are not exclusive to those with a flat stomach. Fashion should be inclusive, and the crop top is no exception. 

This versatile garment can flatter various body types wildly when styled right. Whether layering with high-waisted bottoms or opting for a looser fit crop top, there are numerous ways to rock this trend comfortably and confidently.

Emerging Casual Workwear Trends

The return of crop top fashion hasn’t gone unnoticed by the younger workforce. Many recent college graduates and young professionals gradually incorporate this stylish piece into their workwear. As workplaces progressively shift towards more relaxed attire, wearing a t-shirt or a crop top to the office is becoming more common and acceptable.

Wear a Blazer Over

When in doubt while wearing a cropped blouse, add a conservative layer such as a blazer. Perfect for transitioning day to night, button up the jacket during the day, then unbutton it or remove it when you’re ready to leave the office. Combining your cropped top with a blazer creates an edgy, daring, and stylish office ensemble.

Combine With High-Waisted Trousers Or Skirts

Consider pairing the cropped top with high-waisted trousers if you’re self-conscious about exposing your torso. The majority of cropped tops will fit perfectly with high-waisted trousers or skirts. Combining a cropped top with high-waisted trousers will create a stylish and feminine ensemble. 

The waist-cinching crop top helps to define your figure, whereas high-waisted trousers or skirts give the appearance of longer legs. But, of course, you can add even more height by wearing heels or wedges!

Build Layers

Another straightforward method to wear a cropped top without feeling provocative is to layer it over another. For example, combining a cropped top with a button-down shirt creates an office-appropriate smart casual appearance

Consider this a brilliant fashion hack for donning a cropped top to the office whenever possible. Combining a corset-style cropped top and an oversized blouse creates a figure-flattering silhouette that is tight in the torso but loose in the limbs and body.


The term “monochromatic” is composed of two parts.”Mono” is short for “single,” and “chromatic” refers to the colour. Therefore, a monochromatic ensemble would comprise primarily pieces of a single hue. Mixing textures within a monochromatic ensemble adds visual interest, depth, and dimension to the outfit. 

This allows it to be more varied and one-dimensional. This classic style never fails; choosing monochromatic hues will add a contemporary and professional touch to your ensemble.


The matching co-ord set is perennially popular because it requires minimal styling, with the ensemble essentially serving as the focal point. The cropped blazer co-ord, paired with a skirt or trousers, would be a stylish go-to ensemble for the office. Complete your look with a white inner shirt and accessories, and you’re set for a day of back-to-back meetings while still looking effortless.

Customising Your Style with Tshirtplus

At Tshirtplus, we offer a diverse range of custom-printed crop tops that effortlessly transition from a relaxed weekend brunch to a hectic day at the office. Our cutting-edge printing services allow you to infuse your unique style into your work attire, ensuring an optimal blend of comfort, fashion, and individuality. With us, you can truly own your look.

Navigating the World of Crop Top Fashion

Crop-top fashion can be fun and liberating. You can experiment with different cuts, fabrics, and styles to find the ones that suit you best. Even within a professional setting, there are ways to incorporate a crop top without undermining your overall look.


Conclusively, with creative styling and an understanding of your workplace’s dress code, crop tops can find their way into your workwear. The key is to ensure that your attire, including a trendy crop top, remains professional and appropriate for your work setting. Ultimately, it’s not solely about what you wear but how you wear it that makes a statement.

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