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Ethical Fashion: It’s Time To Make Better Fashion Choices

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Gone are the days when customers would buy anything companies would sell to them. Today, consumers are more aware than ever and it is high time that fashion brands begin paying attention to ethical clothing concerns.

Ethical Clothing Australia is an accreditation organization which oversees Australian ethical fashion trends with respect to Australian Textile, Clothing and Footwear companies. It also ensures that these companies are following transparency and legality of supply chains. Companies seek voluntary ECA accreditation as well as avail affordable and practical assistance in resolving any ethical clothing impediments. [1]

What Is Ethical Fashion?

Ethical fashion is a form of fashion with a primary goal to eliminate or reduce the negative impact of clothing production, distribution, design and selling on people, animals and the environment.

Ethical fashion follows rules and regulations to ensure kindness for every individual who is directly or indirectly involved in the design, production, sourcing and distribution of ethically produced clothing items.

The Australian eco fashion regulation ensures fashion eco-friendliness at every step of the way – from the seed and fabric making till the garment distribution and disposal.

Eco-Friendly Yarn for Ethical Fashion
Eco-Friendly Yarn for Ethical Fashion

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Ethical fashion also takes into account the environmental impact of using ethical linen, denim or any other material used in the making of an ethical dress or any other fashion item. Thus, slow fashion Australia is all about reducing the impact of fashion industry processes on the people, animals and planet.

How Ethical Fashion Brands are Formed?

Ethical clothing brands are those clothing companies that care about leaving a positive impact on everything that surrounds them. It means they reduce their impact on people, planet, environment and animals by adopting ethical fashion practices.

Business Practices and Policies

First, ethical fashion brands adopt fair practices for all workers across the supply chain. They adopt ethical practices and business policies that discourage forced labor and child safety. These policies also promote other things like work safety, right to join a union and payment of a fair living wage.

Energy and Resources

Ethical or Slow fashion brands in Australia also pay special attention to fair and ethical use or energy and available resources. They adopt practices to reduce carbon footprint and ensure the safety of waterways. They also pay attention to safe and ethical chemicals disposal.

Material Used For Production

Australian eco-fashion brands are switching from using animal-based products in clothing production. It means that instead of using fur, leather, angora, wool, down feather, exotic animal skin or hair, karakul and shearling, they use other vegan material for production.

Why is Ethical Fashion Important?

Ethical Fashion and fair trade clothing has huge impacts on environmental sustainability. Here is why it is getting so important:

Waste Control and Reduction

Since ethical fashion is focused on waste reduction, it means that brands place special emphasis on the quality of their material. Sustainable fashion brands are focused on quality materials and long-lasting finishing. Each of their fashion items are made to last. It means that the aim of such brands is not to make consumers buy more, but to promote worthwhile one-time purchases that last for almost a lifetime of use. Thus, ethical fashion helps in controlling waste, reducing disposal, saving money and promoting quality.

Personalized, Unique Style

Ethical fashion is all about the motto “You Do You”. Since the inception of consumerism, there has been an immense amount of rising and fading fashion trends. Ethical fashion discourages this notion of following trends and encourages consumers to create their own style. It means saying goodbye to splurging money on trends and focusing your spending on what goes well with your style.

Ethical Fashion T-Shirt
Ethical Fashion T-Shirt

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Good for the Planet

Since the fashion industry is responsible for leaving a huge footprint and waste behind, ethical fashion puts a tab on these negative planetary impacts. It promotes lesser water consumption, reduced use of insecticides and pesticides and discourages use of excessive chemicals throughout the fashion supply chain. Thus, it promotes the health of the environment and ecosystem.

Good for the People

Ethical fashion offers a sense of satisfaction for the people. It cuts costs and saves money for the people linked to it. Switching to ethical fashion also opens a whole new perspective on living for the people.

Now that you know about ethical fashion and its importance, it is time to re-think your fashion choices and choose a path beneficial for all.

Ethical Fashion FAQs

How Is Ethical Fashion Different From Regular Fashion?

Ethical fashion is all about reducing negative impact on the planet, people and animals throughout various steps of the supply chain. It promotes sustainability. However, regular fashion does not care about the impact it has on the planet, people and animals. It is more focused on rapid buying to follow fashion fads.

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[1] Ethical Clothing Australia – ECA

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