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Gender Neutral Clothing in Mainstream Fashion

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Finding brands that produce gender-inclusive and eco-friendly apparel can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. We searched for eco-friendly, gender neutral brands and inclusive clothing for all body types.

The days when short garments were associated with feminine attractiveness and pants with masculinity are long gone. Through gender neutral clothing, the notion that femininity and masculinity cannot coexist effectively is now obsolete.

Even though the sector is one of the most visible examples of changing social norms, the transition away from placing a significant emphasis on gender has much deeper roots in the struggle for social justice. Diverse individuals, from high school students advocating for bathroom rights to activists demonstrating trans equality, are fighting for non-binary depiction.

The significance of Gender Neutral clothing

People are realising that what is acceptable is whatever a person feels comfortable with, regardless of what the broader public believes. This sentiment is acquiring popularity among the general public. There are no longer any men’s or women’s fashion objects that stand out as timeless. Instead, fashion is converging into a singular entity that everyone can enjoy.

If something makes you happy, you should wear it regardless of where it was produced or originated. This is the opinion of the majority of the population. As a result, the trend of donning gender-neutral clothing is gaining momentum and will continue to grow.

Fashion Implications of Gender-Neutral Clothing

The production of gender neutral clothing not only provides a safe environment for individuals who do not adhere to binary gender norms but also advances the fashion industry toward a more environmentally conscious future. Furthermore, gender neutral clothing can serve as a capsule wardrobe because it comprises essential elements such as solid colours, minimalist screen prints, and essentials for daily life.

Fashion is based on expressing oneself through appearance, and apparel is our medium. Since more men and women are blurring the lines between masculine and female attire, there are no restrictions on how individuals can express themselves through clothing.

Fashion is more than just clothes; it’s a visual language that speaks volumes about our identity, individuality, and world. As the conversation around gender identity has evolved, so has the fashion industry with the advent of gender neutral clothing. This trend challenges traditional notions of what men and women ‘should’ wear and invites everyone to express themselves authentically.

Gender neutral clothing removes the traditional gender markers associated with clothing design. It provides a platform for self-expression beyond binary labels and embraces a more fluid, inclusive perspective on fashion.

The Benefits of Gender Neutral Clothing

Gender neutral clothing offers a myriad of benefits. First, it reflects a more progressive and inclusive society that acknowledges and respects diverse gender identities. It also allows for increased self-expression, enabling individuals to choose clothes that align more closely with their uniqueness rather than being confined to a pre-determined category.

Furthermore, gender neutral clothing can help foster greater equality by removing stereotypes associated with certain types of clothing. When clothing is freed from gender constraints, it opens up possibilities for self-expression, creativity, and comfort.

6 Top Gender Neutral Brands to Shop in Australia

Check out these six gender neutral apparel brands. You may also find some of these brands at major department stores.


This New York-based brand, now widely available in Australia, prides itself on creating high-quality basics that suit everyone. They offer an extensive range of unisex pieces celebrating body diversity, from oversized shirts to wide-leg pants. With clean lines, monochromatic colours, and a focus on comfort, One DNA successfully breaks down traditional gender barriers in fashion.

Kirrin Finch

Born out of a need for more gender neutral apparel options, Kirrin Finch is a conscientious brand that merges menswear-inspired designs with fit adjustments to suit a range of bodies.

Offering everything from button-down shirts that combat the dreaded to trousers that fit various hip and waist proportions, this brand provides comfortable and stylish clothing.

Riley Studio

Riley Studio is a UK-based brand available in Australia that focuses on sustainable, gender neutral fashion. They offer a range of wardrobe staples, from cozy sweaters to versatile outerwear, designed to be worn by anyone.

Riley Studio’s commitment to ethical production processes and long-lasting designs makes them an excellent choice for eco-conscious consumers seeking genderless style.

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Slick It Up

Slick It Up is a global brand offering bold and edgy apparel for people of all genders. Famous for their flashy spandex garments, they cater to those who want to make a statement with their fashion. Slick It Up is a go-to brand for anyone seeking unique, statement pieces that defy traditional gender norms.


 An Australia-based custom garment printing company, Tshirtplus empowers you to create personalised apparel that aligns with your unique style and identity. They offer various clothing items, including polo shirts, T-shirts, and workwear, that can be customised with any design or message.

This makes them ideal for individuals, businesses, or events looking for tailored clothing solutions.

Most importantly, Tshirtplus provides options for all genders, supporting inclusive and genderless style by allowing you to design your clothing without limitations. Their commitment to quality, alongside their embrace of individuality, ensures you can wear your designs with pride and confidence.

GFW Clothing

GFW Clothing, or Gender Free World, is an inclusive brand that designs clothes based on body shape rather than gender. They offer a variety of shirts in different cuts to suit various body types, and their styles range from professional to casual.

GFW Clothing believes everyone has the right to wear clothes that make them look good and feel comfortable, regardless of gender.


In conclusion, gender neutral clothing is more than just a fashion trend; it’s a step towards a more inclusive and understanding world. By breaking down gender stereotypes and promoting self-expression, this type of fashion can be incredibly liberating. At Tshirtplus, we celebrate this evolution and are excited to help you express your unique style, no matter what that looks like.

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