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Spooktacular Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

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Halloween is undoubtedly a magical time for kids, brimming with “halloween costume ideas for kids” that range from spooky to adorable, and everything in between! But have you found a suitable diy Halloween costume for your child’s school parties? We’ve scoured for the best children’s Halloween costumes to help you plan a spook-tacular Halloween for your children.

With the upcoming autumn season, now is the time to begin conceiving imaginative costumes for you and your children. Halloween costumes inspired by books are a fantastic way to express your love of reading and meet others who enjoy the same books or genres.

Top Halloween costume Ideas for Infants

Basic DIY Halloween Costumes For Boys

Regardless of the subject matter your young man may be passionate about—from Star Wars to Mario Brothers to robots—these costumes are certain to be a success. Instead of frightening costumes, we have entertaining and lighthearted Halloween attire for boys.

The best part is that your children can continue to use them to dress up and play with them long after Halloween has passed. 

Moreover, these incredible costumes are so simple to construct that even your children can have fun creating their own Halloween attire.

You can choose something others will adore or bring your favourites to life with a homemade costume! From last-minute costume ideas to adorable sibling costumes and beyond, we are confident you will find something you like on this list!

Elephant Costume

This DIY elephant costume is almost too adorable to describe and simple to make. Such cute outfits can be made by applying matching felt to a grey sweatshirt and sweatpants; the sweats are ideal for a chilly night of trick-or-treating and make the costume super affordable!

Bee Costume

You only need a black shirt, yellow duct tape, and yellow tulle to create a gown. After determining the appropriate attire, proceed with the do-it-yourself headpiece and procure miniature fairy wings. 

Owlie Shirt

Although this adorable owl costume will require some sewing, it is well worth the effort. If you anticipate trick-or-treating on a chilly evening, this is an excellent choice to keep your child toasty.

Strawberry and Pineapple Costumes

These costumes can be created almost as rapidly as sliced fruit salad. First, using fabric markers, draw strawberry seeds and pineapple spines on solid-colored T-shirts. Next, cut leaves from felt or craft foam sheets and attach them to a baseball cap or hairband using hot glue.

Pumpkin Costume

You’re already halfway there if you have overalls and a plaid blouse! To create patches, use hot glue or pins to attach fabric remnants to overalls. Then, to complete the appearance, get some artificial straws from a craft store.

Sugar Skull Costume

For this particular look, get flowers from a craft store and then glue them to a headband using hot adhesive to create a one-of-a-kind flower crown for a Day of the Dead-inspired project. Finally, add face paint and a black dress; your kid is set for a treat.

Custom Printed Halloween Costumes

Custom-printed Halloween attire for children can be an excellent addition to their spooky ensemble. Parents can select custom printed clothing to ensure their child’s costume is unique and stands out. The custom printed dress also incorporates personal details, such as the child’s name or favourite Halloween character.

Whether your child wishes to dress as a witch, a ghost, or a superhero for Halloween, custom-printed clothing may be the best option.

Trick-or-Treat in Style with T-Shirt Plus

Make this Halloween unforgettable with custom-printed costumes from T-Shirt Plus. Our high-quality materials ensure both comfort and durability, so your child can focus on the fun of trick-or-treating.

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Noble Knight Costume

Homemade Halloween costumes should not necessitate a rescue mission. On the contrary, this might be the simplest armour ever created! With a darling cardboard sword, shield, and helmet, your trick-or-treater will be prepared to defend the kingdom.

This costume lets your trick-or-treater express their individuality by customising their shield and choosing their outfit. Add a simple cape made of fabric and a matching outfit, and your knight is ready to save his friends or some confectionery!

Tree Costume

This adorable do-it-yourself tree costume can be created by sewing felt leaves onto a plain green sweatshirt and pairing it with brown sweatpants. So simple; it will be ready in minutes, and since you only need sweatpants and a few pieces of felt, it’s incredibly inexpensive!

Astronaut Costume

If your child is fond of space and dreams of becoming an astronaut, you could make their dream come true with this Halloween costume. This fashionable astronaut costume consists of three distinct pieces: the hood, the one-piece suit, and the mittens, all adorned with reflective silver strips. Don’t forget to add a pair of white footwear to complete the ensemble.

Gum Ball Machine Costume

This ensemble can be made in approximately 15 minutes. Permanently mark a circle on a white T-shirt with black ink. Next, use an adhesive gun to address multicoloured pom-poms (your “gumballs”) inside the circle. With red trousers, leggings or a tutu, your child will be the cutest object in the vicinity.

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Traditions of Halloween

People worldwide commemorate Halloween, accompanied by numerous traditions we all know and enjoy. But did you know that the majority of Samhain traditions are traditionally Irish? Let’s examine a few of the most renowned ones.


The Celts believed spirits could walk the earth on Halloween, so large bonfires were lit to ward off evil spirits. The bonfire ashes were spread across fields to ward off bad luck.

Carving Pumpkins

Carving pumpkins for Halloween is an Irish tradition, from carving faces into turnips. The turnips were left outside homes to scare off evil spirits. Traditionally, turnips are harvested from the beginning of autumn until Halloween. These turnips would be carved with faces and placed outside their dwellings to ward off evil spirits.


Dressing up in costume on Halloween comes from a Celtic tradition of disguising oneself as a countermeasure to hide from spirits and avoid being kidnapped. Wearing a mask or covering oneself in a bedsheet was believed of tricking the spirits.

Trick or Treat

Trick-or-treating began as “souling,” where children would go door-to-door singing for food. The tradition later evolved into trick-or-treat where children would ask for candy.

Telling the Future

Halloween was believed to be the best time to tell fortunes, and one common practice was to bake a Barmbrack with a ring or coin inside to predict marriage or good fortune. Whoever finds the ring will marry in the coming year, and whoever finds the coin will have good luck.


Parents and children begin the delightful search for the perfect DIY Halloween costume as Halloween approaches. The options are limitless and enchanting, from the tiniest babies in adorable outfits to toddlers and kids donning custom-printed Halloween attire. 

Minute Halloween costumes offer quick solutions for busy families, ensuring that even the most time-pressed can join the trick-or-treating fun. Whether crafting a last-minute ensemble or meticulously planning a unique outfit, Halloween is a time for creativity, joy, and family bonding.

These costume ideas for kids celebrate the spooky season, nurture imagination, and create lifelong memories. 

So, let’s dive into the spirit of Halloween and enjoy the magical world of costumes, from the simplest to the most elaborate, as we prepare for a night filled with treats and delightful surprises!.

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