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High School T Shirt Design Ideas

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Schools conjure up images of education, students, books, and science laboratories. Apart from education, students should also consider what they are wearing. School uniforms have been in vogue for a long time and have many benefits, including less cost, focused education, and enhanced discipline. Nevertheless, high school students also like and prefer casual clothes as it makes them appear cool and comfortable. The growth of custom printing technology has enabled consumers to customise their apparel according to their choice, with custom school t shirt design being the most sought-after item. 

Likewise, we have created a list of desirable custom t shirt designs for high school students that you might like!

Cougar Spirit Emblem

The Cougar Spirit Emblem design displays ferocious energy. The design boasts a two-toned cougar portrayal surrounded by your school name. The font and colouring of letters display a light look, accentuating the design. Adding details such as the class year and student name can also modify the design.

Cougar School T Shirt DesignCougar School T Shirt Design

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Paw Respect

The Paw Respect features a striking paw print illustrated with the school name. The design is encompassed by the words “Be Respectful,” “Be Responsible,” and “Be Safe.” These words augment principles and encourage a sense of brotherhood between students.

Athletic Arch

The focus of the Athletic Arch design is your school spirit. The display design is portrayed in bright, rich colours, and it highlights your school name with your school mascot in an arch formation. The focal point of the design is your school spirit which makes this design the most fitting design to focus on the school spirit. 


The vintage Bulldogs design is one of the most popular sports tee designs for schools, and it is mostly worn for football events. The shirt design is customizable, which makes it suitable for adding your school and football team’s name to the design. It will imbue the students with esprit de corps when playing the sports.

Pop Art

Though pop art traces its origins to the 1970s, it is widely popular. It offers some of the most dazzling colours and designs with options to choose from. Students can take cues from comic books, sculptures, media stars, and others and incorporate the impression on their tees.

Pop Art School T Shirt DesignPop Art School T Shirt Design

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This design features a dynamic, bold design featuring a shield outline with the panther impression. It is available in two versions. The text and numbers can be at the top and bottom in the first version, and while in the second version, the alphabets can be depicted inside the shield design. This design is trendy and provides a great way to boost the sports spirit.

Retro Spirit

The Retro Spirit design is for those who love the designs, trends, and fashions of the 80s and the 90s. The school name and spirit are embodied in bright, vivid alphabets, making the design pretty eye-catching. The retro design style can never go out of fashion!

Nature-Inspired School T Shirt Design

Nature can be serene and leaves a calming effect on us. Likewise, nature overflows with varied, rich colours, shapes, and patterns. So why not take inspiration from nature for creating custom school t shirts? There are many nature themes to choose from: mountains, jungles, animals, trees, flowers, plants, etc. 

Superheroes Inspired School T Shirt Design

Movie superheroes hold huge appeal among younger school-going children, and there is a huge fan following of characters like Batman, Spiderman, and Superman. Students will admire sporting their favourite superheroes on tees when going to school.

Superheroes Inspired School T Shirt DesignSuperheroes Inspired School T Shirt Design

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There is something uniquely appealing about the minimal design. It is simple yet sublime, featuring clean lines, simple shapes, and a monochromatic colour palette. Displaying minimal design on tees will make students trendy and give a unique identity to their overall attire.


Sci-fi is another important genre of design that holds huge acclaim among youngsters. This design imprint on tees will normally include illustrations and designs related to space, extraterrestrials, dystopias, and utopias. Given the enormous appeal of technology to students, this design will ideally emphasise their sci-fi interests.

Sci-Fi T-shirt Design
Sci-Fi T-shirt Design


Undoubtedly, custom-printing technology offers numerous benefits, the most conspicuous being the ability to customise t shirts. Therefore, high students who prefer casual clothes must try one of the abovementioned design ideas to feel comfortable and appear presentable.

Do you want to create a custom t-shirt for yourself? Visit our page, where you can find numerous design trends: website.

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