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How Do You Make A Stencil For A T Shirt

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What Is Stenciling Technique Origin

The origin of printing on the fabric has its roots back in China (around 221 AD). Japanese started using simple stencils to create the image on the fabric. By the 17th century, the french developed the silkscreen technique and used stiff brushes to push the ink through the mesh.  

In the early 20th century, the squeegees were made and replaced the stiff brushes to pull the inks through the fabric.   

Types Of Stencils For T-shirt Printing

Stencil printing or screen printing can be divided into the following types. Let us explain it to you in detail. There are two main types of stencil making named hand-cut and photo stencil.

Hand-cut Stencils

The hand-cut stencils are the stencils made by manual cutting of the printed area of the image away. As an initial practice, the thin paper sheets were cut and later attached to the bottom of the screen. Then there are different kinds of veneer used to experiment with. Later in the 1930’s the type of varnish was discovered, which solidified in a single piece as a stencil of hand-cut technique.

Photo Stencils

Photo stencil is made on the basic principle of exposing the photosensitive film to light which hardens the positive or negative of the image area as you like to use it. The photo stencil is made by exposing the sheet to ultraviolet light to cure the nonimage area, leave the emulsion on the fabric and then wash it to remove the extra color off. Use chemicals to fix the color on the fabric. [1]

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Stencil T-shirt Printing Ideas 

Since we discuss the types of stencil making and their evolution over time. We further discuss the aesthetics and design options you could explore in printing t shirts for groups, new business, or personal experimentation of either t-shirt printing or stencil making exploration. 

Young Professional Working On T Shirt Stencils
Young Professional Working On T Shirt Stencils

Animal Stencil Making For T Shirt Printing

The animal stencil t-shirt printing can be helpful for children and youth activities to celebrate nature and animal conservation days. This design can be expanded to the other merchandising of the activity. Such t shirt printing would also educate the user and develop an interest in the essential aspects of nature-friendly behavior.

Cats Background Illustration
Cats Background Illustration

Birds Stencil Making For T-shirts Printing

The bird pattern as a t-shirt printing option symbolizes peace, hope, a sense of freedom, and flight. There can be an extensive range of cute stencils to serious and wild designs of birds. That makes it an age-appropriate t-shirt printing design for everyone.  

Birds Symbol Stencils
Birds Symbol Stencils

Abstract Stencils for complex idea

The abstract designs in a stencil are usually made to create complex designs and patterns. The abstract designs represent the multiplexed and layered ideas. The people who like such prints are philosophical and sensitive. 

Abstract Stencils For Complex Idea
Abstract Stencils For Complex Idea

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Final Words

The topic will give you an essential insight into the stencil-making evolution and history. Later we discuss the main types of stencil making and their related processes. In addition, we suggest the stencil making for t-shirts printing and what these designs represent.

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