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Polo Long Sleeve Shirts

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Polo Long sleeve shirts are as famous as Polo T-shirts in Australia and worldwide. It is considered as the must have type of shirt in every man’s wardrobe. Whether it is a part of your workwear, formal or casual wear section, a couple of colour choices in long sleeve polo shirts in each compartment makes your life easy and stylish for almost any kind of occasion. 

In this article we would like to tell you a very interesting history and the origin of the Polo Shirt. We will do that using the perspective of the origin of the Polo game and how this long sleeve Polo shirts became a uniform for the players and fashion statement in the apparel industry worldwide.

Horse Sketch Wearing Polo
Horse Sketch Wearing Polo

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The Origin Of The Game And The Polo Shirt 

The Polo Game has its origin from Persia [Iran] traced back to the 6th century BC to the 1st century AD. It was devised to train the cavalry units that served as king’s guards and other elite troops. It was also used as warfare training by creating a miniature battlefield by the war tribes. This cavalry game spread from Persia to Arabia to Tibet to China and Japan. The English name Polo has its root and origin in the balti Language word means “ball”. 

The Polo game travelled to India, [Sub-continent] through Mughal conquerors in the 13th century. It was adopted by the British [initially came as explorers to later colonizers] took it back to Europe and America. 

Polo Game Sketching
Polo Game Sketching

The Indian Polo Players used to wear a guff shirt with long sleeves and a collar. It is a button-down shirt to let the air circulate through the player’s shirt and dry sweat while playing. 

The Britishers also took Polo long sleeve shirt design along with the game back to their homeland. The evolution of the game and the polo shirt is still sustaining its name and style and going through various transformations in Europe and America. 

Polo Shirt Full Sleeve
Polo Shirt Full Sleeve

Polo Long Sleeve Shirt As Workwear

The polo shirts other than polo players and leagues were also associated with golf and tennis players in the western world. During the 1950s, Polo shirts were seen as a fashionable choice of clothing. 

With the development of the business sector and tech industry, it was adopted as semi-formal workwear in an office environment. Soon the Polo shirts got attention and were included in the trade and retail sectors as uniforms.  

Long Sleeve Polo Workwear
Long Sleeve Polo Workwear

In no time, the companies realized that the Polo shirts could be used as a branding surface by printing the logos and designs on the chest, sleeves and back of their uniform shirts. 

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Polo Long Sleeve Shirts Today

Men in any work environment wear polo shirts, long sleeves or half, both. It is available in all colours and sizes. A polo shirt passes the test for casual and formal wear apparel, provided that you choose the colour intelligently. 

Though the polo shirt offers flexibility and sets well in a variety of situations, so, let us give you some basic do’s and don’ts related to this versatile apparel. 

Long Sleeve Shirts Today
Long Sleeve Shirts Today

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Polo Long Sleeve Shirt Should Be Worn As A Single Layer

You are not supposed to layer in and out with the polo shirt. It is an individualistic and stand-alone piece of clothing with obvious and prominent features like a collar and button-down. Under layering, the polo shirt will make you look stuffy, and if you wear a jacket or blazer over it will crumple the defined collar, which will kill the style.    

Polo Shirt Size And Fit Criteria

The criteria to select the size of the polo shirt is to pick up a medium fit for your body type. It should not be skin-tight or loose like a baggy style shirt. The Polo shirt should fall flat on your bottom half and follow the line of your shoulder to size without getting tight on the belly curves. 

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Don’t Pop Your Polo Shirt Collar

Yes, that’s right! Do not pop the collar of your polo shirts, whether it is a half sleeve or long sleeve shirt. It is not in fashion for long, and it is rather indecent. The new cool is to be subtle rather than loud. 

Tuck In The Polo Shirt To Get A Little Formal 

This is the variety that comes only to the polo shirt wearers. If you expect the visiting place to be casual and wear a polo shirt, you realize it was not all true once you arrived. It would be best if you simply tucked your shirt in, and it will uplift your outlook to semi-formal clothes because of the pronounced collar and button on the front. Also, never keep all the buttons open in any case. 

Round Off

The polo long sleeve shirts are graded as a versatile piece of clothing that fits both in a casual and semi-formal work environment and other interactions. In this article, we are looking at the origin, history, and transformative journey of the name Polo sourced through the rulers and war tribes’ game, travelled to the subcontinent as a cavalry troop sport adopted by the British colonists and took it to Europe. We also observe the Polo Shirts infiltrate into the trade and business sectors and adopted as uniform and simultaneously stayed in fashion till date.  

Image Source: Shutterstock

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