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Summer Activewear Outfits for the Aussie Lifestyle

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Being physically fit and healthy and engaging in daily exercise maintains vitality and freshness. This summer, enhance your workout routine with the range of summer activewear outfits, offering stylish gym wear for both men and women. Continue reading to find your perfect fitness companion.

How To Select The Appropriate Activewear?

Breathable And High-Performance Fabrics

When participating in summer sports, selecting breathable and high-performance fabrics is critical. High-performance athletic apparel is constructed from moisture-wicking, breathable materials that whisk away sweat and keep the wearer dry. By facilitating improved cooling and ventilation, breathable fabrics and uncomplicated designs mitigate the discomfort associated with sweat during physical activity.

Men standing in a Singlet made of Performance Fabric - Summer Activewear Outfits

Quick-Drying and Stretchy

Elasticity and quick-drying properties are crucial when selecting athletic apparel for summer activities. Fabrics with rapid evaporation of sweat ensure the wearer remains dry, thereby minimising discomfort and the risk of bacterial proliferation. An elastic design provides enhanced flexibility by preventing clothing from restricting flexibility during exercise.

Women working out in clothes made of stretchy fabric. - Summer Activewear Outfits

Protects Against Sun and UV

The sun is intense during the summer, and UV rays particularly damage the epidermis. Hence, selecting athletic apparel that protects against the sun and ultraviolet rays can be highly advantageous when engaging in physical activity during the summer season. Select sun and UV-protection-treated sports caps and jerseys to shield your epidermis from the sun.

Women working out in Sun and UV protective activewear - Summer Activewear Outfits

Silky Fabrics

Opting for a silky fabric during summer sports will decrease friction and alleviate physical strain. Additionally, smooth fabrics reduce the propensity to adhere to the body, enhancing comfort levels during physical activity.

Man standing in Silky Fabrics after a workout in summer. - Summer Activewear Outfits

Appropriate size

It is critical to select the appropriate measurement of athletic apparel. During the summer, when temperatures soar, choosing athletic apparel that is either too small or too large can hinder your performance and become uncomfortable. Therefore, exercise caution when selecting athletic apparel by ensuring that you choose the appropriate measurement to optimise your workout experience.

Hot Trends in Summer Activewear Outfits

While striving for optimal performance during workouts, the selection of apparel can also impact the level of benefit derived from gym sessions. The following is a list of gym attire to consider purchasing this summer.

A Cropped Tank

To combat the heat, pair a cropped workout tank with no sleeves. Make sure to purchase a ribbed tank to complement your exercise attire, which can be worn anywhere. A brami moment can be achieved by adding bra cups to the tank; this provides support without needing a second garment. A high neckline provides coverage and support while remaining fashionable for any activity.

A cropped tank looks excellent paired with a sports bra. For maximum effectiveness, wear it in your preferred manner.

Man Standing in a Cropped Tank Top - Summer Activewear Outfits


Skirts have long been regarded as indispensable apparel for athletes participating in tennis and golf due to their exceptional comfort. While simultaneously ensuring your safety while in motion, a workout skirt is both comfortable and flattering to the eye.

Women Playing Tennis in a comfortable and stretchy activewear Skirt - Summer Activewear Outfits

Workout Onesie and Dress

Fabric choices for shorts consist of ribbed and silky-smooth materials. Select your preferred inseam and compression level to find the ideal motorcycle shorts for the summer leggings style. This activewear style can quickly adapt to the gym or any other setting. Put on your workout attire and a sports camisole to get started.

An extension of the exercise suit trend is now a dress. The dress and exercise onesie are both variations of one another. A one-piece featuring an integrated sports bra and shorts comprises both items, whereas an attached skirt accompanies the exercise dress. 

Workout Onesie and Dress - Summer Activewear Outfits

While specific workout attire necessitates supplementary garments to finish the ensemble, a fitness dress and onesie are versatile essentials that can be easily tailored to individual preferences.

Vest for Gym Goers

The ideal summertime workout garment is an exceptional gym vest. A perfect tank top should provide sufficient protection and coverage for males while regulating body temperature and permitting unrestricted motion. 

Look for sleeveless T-shirts featuring figure-flattering motifs and designs that accentuate your best features. Identifying the most effective training approach will depend on the nature of your workouts.

Workout Onesie and Dress - Summer Activewear Outfits

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Bodybuilders prefer stringers because they better display the wearer’s hard-earned physique. In contrast, athletes may require more coverage and protection from the fabric and, therefore, choose a sleeveless, more structured T-shirt. Regardless, you should purchase a gym top constructed from four-way stretch materials to allow unrestricted movement during intense workouts. 

Fitness T-Shirt

The workout T-shirt is the most timeless of all fashions. Alternate between snug-fitting garments, optimal for cycling and running due to their streamlined construction, and looser-fitting garments, suitable for bodybuilding or yoga because they allow for greater mobility.

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Regardless, you should select a well-fitting, breathable, and flexible T-shirt. Incorporate intelligent custom designs and fashionable lines to complete the ideal combination. 


Consider purchasing lightweight exercise attire, as this will prevent the garments from absorbing excessive heat by reflecting sunlight. Moreover, watch for high-quality materials, such as recycled polyester, which dry exceptionally rapidly and offer added functionality, including UV protection and anti-odour properties. Thus, your activewear will collaborate to ensure your comfort amidst challenging circumstances.

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