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Choosing the Perfect T-shirt Size for Your Body Type

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I am a loyal t-shirt buyer and a big-time fan of this piece of clothing for being so versatile. It is comfortable, it comes in unlimited variety and designs. Just by choosing an appropriate neckline and the right style of t-shirt, cover any formal, semi-formal or casual occasions in your professional and personal life. The T-shirts are just too awesome. 

But even after knowing these facts that are cherish able to own several T-shirts, I always came across this annoying issue of selecting the right size for my body type because at every other brand their sizes chart differs. Sometimes the medium size of a straight-cut T-shirt is a perfect fit for me and a tang top of the same brand feels tighter.

So after quite a bit of struggle, I decipher the science of this which I will be going to share with you to understand how to choose the Right T-shirt size by body type and how various t shirt styles or cuts becomes a reason to shift your size chart from smaller to large or vice versa.

Young People Group In Joy
Young People Group In Joy

How To Choose The Right T-shirt Size

The good fit of a t-shirt is the key criteria in which you should feel good and it looks like it is made for you specially. If I elaborate on it a little more, it should not show any bulges or curves that you don’t want to show intentionally. If you are a lean body type it should give a nice coverage to not make you look bony. The main idea is to recognize that each body type and shape is unique and instead of following what’s trending all the time you must take a pause and buy a t-shirt that suits best on your body type. 

Multi National Office Team
Multi National Office Team

Knowing Body Type Is About Knowing Your Proportions

The selection of t-shirt sizes and styles according to the body type is the solution of spending wisely and choosing to invest into a worthwhile buying of a T-shirt. As you can see below the graphic is showing a generic physique structure of women of different body types. These shapes and size structures are gender-neutral and apply to both. Let’s discuss each body shape so that both male and female understand how to find a good garment or t-shirt for each body type. 


The rectangular body shape and type as shown is a straight body where the shoulders and the hip line is linear and there are less or no visible curves between the upper and lower body.

At times, that makes you look flat and the remedy is to select the type of clothing or t-shirt which is fit to size from the shoulders and flare open or loose as it reaches the torso. Such cuts in tops or shirts create a flow that is loose from the hip and add a feel of the curve in the outlook. 


Hourglass type of body is outspread from the top and bottom equally and has a strong curve line. Now it depends on the person whether he/she likes to show off the body curves or is more comfortable to modestly cover them. For example, the tang top for both genders is a good fit shirt type that enhances your top and bottom curve. Also if you wear a baggy shirt you would look broader than you really are because the shirt is actually framed on the wide shoulders to equally curve out the hipline. So the recommendation for a glass hour body’s to wear a size shirt which is not too tight or too wide. 


As we see in both men and women the oval shape body type has the mass in the centre of the bodies which refer to that their shoulders are lean and their hip line is not wide either and the stomach and waist area has most of the mass. In this case, the shoulder pads are a very legit fashion invention. The shoulder-padded shirt will broaden your shoulder line and cover the centre mass around your waist as it comes down through the flow of the shoulders. For Oval body shape the waist belts and tight tops are not highly recommended.


As shown in the graphic image, the triangular body shape is a body with lean shoulders and wide bottom. Attention is required to select a t-shirt that balances the proportion outlook of your body by wearing the right type of shirt or top. A down shoulder t-shirt that is not very loose from the bottom works well with this body shape. Adding a pad underneath your t-shirt or wearing a broad shoulder hoodie or linen blazer also solve this problem pretty decently. Try not to wear anything flowy or very loose. The lower clothing should be with the body but not very tight so the coverage is good but it does not add visual mass around the hip area. 

Inverted Triangle

The inverted triangular body types of people are usually wider from the shoulder and are narrow from the bottom or hips. This body type both in males and females kept worried that their lower body looks lean as compared to their upper body. The selection of a t-shirt needs to cover this concern and they should look for a style of a shirt that is not loose from the shoulder and not tight when it comes down to the waistline. So the side slit open shirts, or crop top with skirts for girls and loose Bermuda shorts and loose trousers work the best for boys. The key is to wear a good fit to the shoulder and loose from the button apparel.

Group Of Four Girls With Different Figures
Group Of Four Girls With Different Figures
Group Of Four Boys With Different Figures
Group Of Four Boys With Different Figures

Five Points To Check T-shirt Size & Fit

Once you understand your body type and how to balance the outlook proportion of your body to select a type or style of a t-shirt. There are five points to remember while checking t-shirt fit among types of t-shirts.


The t-shirt Neckline design and types should be loose and shouldn’t constrain neck movements. People with oval or triangular face cuts should avoid choosing a V-shaped neckline; they can have a round or boat-shaped wide neckline that will complement their face shape.  

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There are a variety of options in sleeve styles varied by length and fit. The most common t-shirt sleeves are half sleeves which end at the bicep. You have to refer back to the article above and identify your body shape to know which sleeve design will look nice on your body type. Remember the wide shoulder body type should not wear baggies and wide shirt sleeves.


The fit of the t-shirt for your body type will make you feel and look good. The fit will be identified by knowing your body type and which part of your body needs to be covered, projected or revealed using the style of your top. 


The length of a t-shirt should be marked from the highest point of the shoulder line to the bottom of the hemline. The people with wide bottoms avoid wearing flowy or loose fits as their lower clothing. The shirt should not be very tight at the hipline as it makes the curve more obvious. 


The t-shirt shoulders should be measured at the end of the collar bone to the beginning of the arm. If you have narrow shoulders, you should go for a shoulder down style t-shirt. 

T-Shirt Size Advice For All

A T-shirt is a favorite piece of clothing of all time. It gets very agitated when we order an online shirt or even buy a new tee and the size does not fit perfectly on our body. In this article, you will be guided to understand what is your own body type in terms of form/shape and proportions and how knowing this will help you to select the right size by your body type. It will also educate you to measure and cross-check the size of your t-shirt.

Image Source: Shutterstock

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