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8 Timeless Headwear Styles for Women

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Women have worn headwear for ages. In fact, in a bygone era, women typically wore headwear to flaunt their social status. From the Edwardian era to the present day, headwear epitomises elegance and class. Modern women should be grateful that they have an endless range of headwear styles to choose from. 

Whether you want to wear the chic fascinator headwear donned by British royalty or put on a simple bucket hat like Rihanna – there are countless colours, shapes and fabrics to choose from. To enlighten yourself with leading headwear styles for women, check out our list below.

Bucket Hats

Bucket hats, also known as the Irish Walking hat, are popularised by pop culture and leading fashion brands like Gucci, Prada, Dior, Fendi, and Burberry. They are made of heavyweight cotton fabric and come in myriad colours and patterns. These hats are highly waterproof, durable, feathery and can be effortlessly folded. And lastly, they are strikingly fashionable and can be paired with various style renditions.

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Bucket headwear styles

Panama Hat

These hats might conjure up images of 007 Bond. And no, they don’t hail from Panama, but they are actually from Ecuador. These hats are hand-woven from toquilla palm with centuries-old techniques used by artisans in remote Ecuadorian villages. 

Man in side pose wearing a panama hat
Man in side pose wearing a panama hat

These hats are a bit more formal for women than the regular sun hats. They are quintessentially suitable for tropical getaways with humid temperatures and sandy beaches.

Fascinator Hat

Does the British royalty fascinate you? Do you want to dress like Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge or the late Princess Diana? If yes, then the fascinator hat is for you. In European monarchies, guests are expected to be formally dressed and wear head wear for formal occasions, and fascinator hats are fitting for such events. 

These hats feature no brim or crown and are generally adorned with flowers, beads and feathers in harmony with the dress. Done them and add a flair of British regal sophistication to your style!

Fascinator Headwear Styles
Fascinator Headwear Styles

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Boater Hat

Boater hats reflect a timeless elegance. The Gondoliers of Venice have worn them for ages, influencing the modern conception of these hats. The French fashion icon Coco Chanel spurred its popularity by introducing its contemporary swanky type among the affluent urban classes. Boater hats are made from materials such as straw, lace, raffia or canvas. 

You can wear them at garden parties on sunny days and don’t forget to pair them with floral printed skirts, sandals or high heels. They indeed emit a charming elegance, surely you would agree.


The fedora hat draws its name inspiration from the 1882 French play Fedora, in which the protagonist wore a hat resembling the Fedora headwear style. Gone are the days when fedoras were only reserved for men. Today, these classy hats also mesmerise women. A typical fedora boasts a folded top, short rim and a unique ribbon around the base. You can don this hat with jeans or trousers to make a bold fashion statement.

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Fedora Headwear Styles
Fedora Headwear Styles


Did you know that berets were the favourite headwear styles of revolutionaries like Che Guevara and Fidel Castro? It was once known as a peasant’s hat in Europe; however, during the 20th century, it was exhibited as a political statement. Its perpetual evolution has made it an exemplar of fashion and sophistication. 

Berets boast a distinctive round shape with a flat crown and are mostly made from wool, crocheted cotton or synthetic fibres; and worn with a slight tilt. And top celebs like Beyonce and Emma Stone love donning berets. We believe they will bestow a timelessly stylish look on you!

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Cowboy hats

They appear to be the American Wild West symbol and seem to be reserved for men. However, this is far from the truth. Women can wholeheartedly wear cowboy hats to enhance their stylish appearance. They are made from a multitude of materials, with the conventional ones featuring accentuating fur-based felt. If you prefer lightweight cowboy hats, you can also hats made from straw or acrylic. You can wear the hat with jeans, t shirts, and sneakers for a subtle look. 

Fur Pillbox Hat

The Fur Pillbox Hat or the Zhivago hat – made famous after the movie Dr Zhivago in 1965 – exudes divine sophistication and elegance. It is perfect for frigid temperatures and is generally worn in Europe and North America during winters. It boasts a flat crown with straight sides and no brim. It is superbly mushy and will safeguard your head and ears in chilly winters. Due to its incredibly stylish appearance, we believe you should don this hat with your most fancy and elegant winter outfits.

Image Source: Shutterstock

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