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Why Eco Friendly T Shirt Are Preferable?

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The trend of Eco-Friendly materials and product use becomes more important because it is the need of the present time and the environmental hazard reaches the line of the serious damage which is causing global warming drastically in the whole world.

Using eco-friendly materials in tee shirts and clothing fabric will be your contribution to minimizing the negative effects on the environment. There are many companies that initiate the sustainable production of eco-friendly items. They usually use organic fabrics and recycle materials for the production of clothing items like t shirts. The agenda for such ventures is to develop cost-efficient, reusable and environmentally friendly lines of clothing. They focus on sustainable, green manufacturing processes which conserve the resource, minimize chemical usage and reduce the wastage of water and energy.

Why Choose Eco Friendly T Shirt Business

As we elaborate above, the eco-friendly t shirt business approach will be a sensible move towards establishing a t shirt brand to conserve the environment. We all get our share and facility of living on planet earth, and like everything else, we also have to show care and invest back. The eco-friendly t shirt business could be one way of beginning this very important and collective responsibility. The good news is that with environmental awareness, consumer behaviour is also shifting from consumption to conservation and recycling.

Such business ventures will surely be more successful than the insensitive capitalistic competitors within a few years. We are informing you about the types of organic fabric available and making your first important decision of setting up an Eco-Friendly Organic cloth, to begin with.

Here we will list the available eco-friendly fabric materials which you can use for your tee shirt brand. 


The production process of hemp fibres to textile making is relatively safer and have a less negative impact on the environment. Hemp has been grown for its fibre content since ancient times. It is a renewable resource that can be harvested year-round.  Hemp fibre provides a better quality product than other types of fibres such as cotton. Hemp fabric forms natural clothing that does not harm the skin or environment. This fabric feels like the classic linen fabric and they soften after every wash. Hemp fabric is the perfect choice for summer.


Cotton is an organic material, which means that it has been grown naturally without chemical fertilizers. It’s a very good material for clothing because it’s water-resistant and breathable. The cotton fabric is comfortable, soft and lightweight. 

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Cotton is one of the most popular fabrics used in clothes today. It is made from plant fibres. The fibre contains all the essential amino acids and nutrients needed by humans. When we wear cotton clothes, our bodies absorb these nutrients and help us stay healthy. The cotton does not come in a variety or range of colours to avoid the chemical dyeing processes. 


Bamboo is another great source of organic fabric material which is used to make clothing items such as tee shirts, tops, pants and even home accessories. 

Bamboo yarn can also be blended with other textile fibres such as hemp or spandex. Bamboo is an alternative material that is renewable and can be replenished at a fast rate. 


Jute is known as a golden fabric mainly because of its natural colour and it comes as a very affordable fabric in an organic range of materials. It is an eco-friendly fibre that is utilized in various home textile items including clothing and apparel products because of its strength and quality. It is soft and can be easily blended with cotton as the best fabric option to wear in summer. It is a rain-fed crop that requires minimum or no fertilizers and hence it does not aggravate any allergy or skin trouble.


Silk is an organic fabric that consists of strands of silk fibres woven together into a single continuous thread. It has been the most popular fabric due to its versatility and durability.  It is usually produced in small quantities to create a durable product. The fibres of silk have been used for centuries as a material of luxury. Silk blends are often created with various colours and patterns.

In addition to being an important textile industry, silk is also used in fashion. Silk printing with natural dyes is popular. Silk-screening techniques can be applied to textiles to produce high quality printed textiles. The most common use of silk is for clothing. It is woven into cloth fabrics such as shirts, trousers, skirts, and sweaters. 

 Conclusive Thought

The eco-friendly material and fabric used in our daily life should not be followed as a trend or fashion only, it should become our conscious effort to think of sustainability and conservation of natural resources as individual responsibility. In this article, we identify materials and fibres which are organic and natural to use as a fabric for your tee shirt business. Every fabric has its own qualities and challenge depending upon your tee shirt making and printing facility other than your client requirement and expectation. It is the responsibility of all of us to support the cause of saving our environment by using organic materials in our everyday use.

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