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Activewear Trends In Australia 2023

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The activewear trends in Australia have been inclined towards women activewear for the last few years. Several types of research are being conducted from the fashion and clothing industry to gauge the need of the activewear market trends. It shows a rising interest of women in buying this type of clothing due to the shift in healthy lifestyle activities. Women are involved in non-sporting activities like running, walking, yoga and meditation for better health and self-care. Another paradigm shift is that the Australian fashion industry integrates lifestyle to create a more significant customer base.

This intentional shift is trending activewear as a part of fashion statement alongside. This article will tell you about the hot trending activewear t-shirts, tank tops, polos, hoodies, full sleeves, short sleeves, and henley shirts. We will also set some fashion ideas for you to integrate activewear in social gatherings with style. 

Activewear T shirts Types

There are several types of shirts that women and girls use from the activewear wardrobe that fits the high fashion outlook at the same time. Interestingly, in 2022 and 2023 will keep focusing on the integration in semi-formal and casual wear apparel. Therefore, a healthy lifestyle and self-care become even more critical of the aspects for all, especially after COVID 19.

Fashion Activewear
Fashion Activewear

Activewear Tank tops

The tank tops are a fantastic choice to go for group walks or running sessions. In Australia, the upcoming summer and spring allow you to wear it on a casual lunch or early evening at the bar with friends. Tank tops are available in several colours and a few options of necklines with variable changes of the shoulder stripe.

Girl wearing Activewear Tank top
Girl wearing Activewear Tank top

Long Sleeves

Long sleeve shirts are perfect for meditating or working out for people who are not very keen to get a suntan on their arms only. In summers, you should choose cotton or lightweight linen blend shirts. The best quality of the long-sleeved shirt is that it qualifies the requirement of a semi-formal and casual top for eats out or adventure trips.

Long Sleeve Activewear Shirt
Long Sleeve Activewear Shirt

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Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are available in several colours and sleeve lengths. It is an equally popular type of activewear t shirt for both genders. The speciality of polo shirts is that it fits the standard of formal, semi-formal and casual clothing by all means. Polo t-shirts are a perfect pick for yoga, meditation, walking and running. The collar of the polo adds value by soaking sweat from the neck constantly.

Polo Shirt
Polo Shirt

Activewear Hoodies 

Activewear hoodies are the coolest of the apparel in the line-up of shirts top list. It is such versatile apparel that it has a fashion statement of its own. It is considered the bold and the most beautiful piece of clothing in the fashion and activewear world. Hoodies are available in a variety of sizes, cuts and colours. The hoodie fans also indulge in getting the custom printing, tie and dye and iron on printing out of love.

Activewear Hoodie
Activewear Hoodie

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Short Sleeve Tops

A short sleeved top commonly known as a t shirt is the most famous piece of clothing worldwide. The t shirts are the most friendly apparel used by all genders, ages, revolutions, movements and establishing brand ideas, awareness and design campaigns. It is for sure a big, yes to be used as your workout top, and you can also wear it proudly on semi-formal and casual days at work.

Short Sleeve Tops
Short Sleeve Tops

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Final Thought

The world of fashion and trends are ever changing. In the last decade and particularly after COVID 19 situation, people generally get health-conscious, and self-care has become the top priority. This change also reflects through the integration of activewear elements into casual or fashion wear clothing designs. In this article, we will talk about the various activewear t shirt types also which designs and styles and suitable for workout and wearing as fashion clothes.

Image Source: Shutterstock

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