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Make Your Own Superhero T Shirts

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No matter which age group you are in, what you do professionally, or the life inclinations you have. There must be a superhero character that you openly admired or secretly inspired from in your lifetime. I am very optimistic about this fact and saying that with surety because it can not be otherwise. Maybe you don’t like to identify with the mainstream superheroes that we usually see in Cinema. Still, we as a human species like to have an idle figure in our mind to keep ourselves motivated and getting strength from in the times of our own struggles.

It is a fascinating fact about superhero figures and their whole purpose to fulfil.  

People of all ages celebrate no wonder superheroes, and they like to carry their image with them on custom printed t shirts, merchandise, and other branded products. 

In this article, we will explain how to choose your own superhero to get it printed on a custom t shirt design and the backstory of each superhero. 

Super Hero T Shirt Design
Super Hero T Shirt Design

How To Custom Print Your Own Superhero T Shirt 

The custom design printing of your favourite superhero image on the t-shirt can be done in many ways. If you are a craft lover, a guide for getting your custom design t shirt printing at home. If you have an artistic idea in your mind to print your superhero on your t-shirt in a particular situation or colours, there are online design softwares that offer the support you are looking for. Finally, if you are only interested in ordering a t-shirt online, you just need to choose the Superhero image of your choice, mark the size and position on the shirt and place the order. 

It is easy peasy lemon squeezy. 

But we would like you to look at this whole superhero shebang from a different perspective. So in the following article, we will tell you when you choose your superhero, you are also choosing the back story, which makes a superhero. 

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Super Hero T Shirt Print
Super Hero T Shirt Print

The following chart is reflecting the popularity of superhero characters in Australia.

What Makes A Superhero  

Superheroes are created as a symbol of hope in a stressful time. Though they are represented with an extraordinary or supernatural power that we cannot have, they are meant to keep us inspired. The link between us and our superheroes is that we see injustice and oppression prevailing in our society and do our part to make it better. The superhero films and jumping into situations to save people is an act of serving humanity without the distinction of whether you know them or not. Standing up to racial biases, prejudices and oppression on the weak are the main attributes of any superhero. This is the reason deep down in our hearts when we like to wear a superhero shirt and intend to commit to the cause at a subliminal level.  

Superman Design T Shirt
Superman Design T Shirt

Superhero Printed Shirts And Cause Attached

Captain Planet

The Captain Planet and the Planetarium was a superhero series made to create awareness about environmental conservation. Save the earth was the slogan of this classic cartoon superhero. Captain Planet has five young friends with the magic rings. They also belonged and represented the five indigenous communities of the planet. The elements of ring power have control over earth, fire, wind, water and heart.


Spiderman has an exciting and unique story in the marvel world of superheroes. Spiderman always stands out because before realizing his superpower, he was almost an underdog character. It is an empowering tale of an ordinary boy whose life changed after being bitten by a radioactive spider. However, his everyday life struggles stay with him even after he becomes a superhero. That is the reason that people relate to this character as a human superhero. That made people feel relatable with Spiderman, and they wanted to wear a printed shirt of this superhero.

Flash Backstory 

The backstory of the Flash superhero character was a student and an explorer at the Midwestern University who was working in a lab at night and got exposed to the hard water fumes and passed out. When he wakes up, he realizes that he has attained the power of speed to catch a fired bullet by his hand.  

Wonder Woman Superhero To Women Empowerment

Wonder Woman is an all-time favourite female superhero character who in the original story was Princess Diana of Themyscira. Her mother sculpted it out of clay, and then the Greek god blew spirit into that statue.

Wonder Women T Shirt Design
Wonder Women T Shirt Design

The myth says that was the first figure in Amazon not conceived by a man. She grew up on the Island of Paradise, her powers including strength, courage, wisdom, the heart of a hunter, sisterhood, beauty, speed, and flight. Her mission was women leadership through love, peace and justice. She is appreciated by both girls and boys as she, as a leader, always makes decisions for the best of her clan.

Rounding Off

Superheroes play a vital role in our lives. They and their stories keep us motivated and inspired when there is less hope left in society. The trend of getting superheroes custom printed t-shirts always stays in fashion to show your association with the character and do what is right and just. In this article, we are sharing the backstories of some of the favourite superheroes of all time. We will tell you what makes a superhero and how they designate their life to better society. It is the coolest thing to wear your superhero custom design t-shirt because you not only own the character but the cause that make the superhero stand for.

Image Source: Shutterstock

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