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All About Custom Hoodie Style 2023

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The style guide of the last quarter of 2023 and transitioning into the first quarter of 2024, Hoodies are the most stylish piece of apparel popular in all genders, ages, fashion, casual and activewear. The variety of colours, sizes, styles and options of customizing printing on hoodies provides us unlimited options to personalize this versatile piece of clothing.

The potency of the trend guides us to have at least a couple of hoodies in our wardrobe to be considered a cool person.

This article will focus on the types of hoodies and their stylish combination with the rest of the wardrobe items. We will share the upcoming cool trends to wear hoodies as activewear, casual wear, dressing it up to claim the semi-formal outlook, and dress down for a cozy and easy-going hang out with friends.

Red Hair Girl Wearing Hoodi
Red Hair Girl Wearing Hoodie

Easy Sunday Hoodie

If we like to explain the hoodie characteristics, it is casual, easy-going apparel in our wardrobes. The hoodie is usually worn in a loose fit and made of soft, cosy fabric types like cotton, fleece, nylon.

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The quality of the fabric of a hoodie is evaluated by the stretchability, weight and drape of its hood. It is a perfect wake up, slip-on piece of clothing for people who like to laze around in their hoodies on Sunday mornings. It is also multipurpose, as it replaces pullovers, sweatshirts and jogging tops that we will explain in the following article.

White Hoodie
White Hoodie

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Hoodies As Activewear

Hoodies are the best mates with people who have exercising or workout routines. The hoodie tracksuits came into fashion through the top sports players wearing them before a match or during their practices.

Training in Hoodie
Training in Hoodie

There are so many design and style options that the hoodies are available and can be customized as per your desire. The two types of wearing functionality are a front open with zipper and front closed which needs to slip on. People usually wear slim or medium fit as activewear during their workout.

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Runner Athlete Man Running in Hoodie
Runner Athlete Man Running in Hoodie

Casualwear Custom Hoodie Style

Casual wear clothes refer to the clothes with comfort and style in a balanced way. We underestimate things that we have, and a hoodie is one of those precious pieces of clothing. If you have to go to a friend’s hangout, pick up semi-formal trousers, chino or denim, for example, and wear them with a hoodie. This will give you a perfectly stylish and casual look instantly.

Couple Wearing Hoodie
Couple Wearing Hoodie
Couple Wearing Hoodie
Couple Wearing Hoodie

Semi-Formal Custom Hoodie Outlook

A semi-formal look with a hoodie is about adding a layer over and defining your fashion statement by mixing the casual and formal in one go. When you choose to wear a coat or a blazer over a hoodie and tuck the hood out from behind, it looks cool. It is interesting to break out from the definitions and create fusion the way you like to carry them.

Semi-Formal Hoodie Outlook
Semi-Formal Hoodie Outlook

Tie dye Custom Hoodie

Custom Hoodies design also evolved with the evolution of nature preservation and indulgence in respecting and conserving nature. One of the responses to this idea is to use organic products and items compared to synthetic materials. This intention inspires us to use organic dyes and explore the unique and traditional method of tie-dyeing our hoodies. This style also became a fashion statement and was very well appreciated by hoodie lovers.

Tie dye Custom Hoodie
Tie dye Custom Hoodie

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Cool Custom Hoodie Style

The rappers, musicians and freestyle dance clubs uplift the status of hoodies for a very long time. And rightly so because the crop hoodies and excel sizes add all the swag to their performances. That was the time when the custom printing design on hoodies started to trend with a boom. Young girls and boys get their personalized designs printed on their cool hoodies by using slogans, graphics combinations to express themselves and their ideas about life.

Cool Hoodie Style
Cool Hoodie Style

Final Thought

As we all know, the hoodie is one of the most casual stylish items of clothing that should be a part of your wardrobe and stay there to make you look fashionable with a comfy outlook. The fashion trend for 2023/24 also endorses the hoodie style and several types of design options that we explain in the article above. So have a good read and enjoy your hoodie times in comfort and style together. 

Image Source: Shutterstock

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