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Understanding the Fashion Trends of X Gen, Y Gen and Z Gen

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Whether you are a baby boomer just learning about Gen Z or a millennial in constant conflict with their younger peers, one thing is sure: Gen Z is making waves in the fashion industry, and you cannot ignore them.

Fashion has historically reflected societal shifts, technological advances, and cultural changes. Each generation brings distinct fashion trends that reflect their values and life experiences.

One of the cool things about our staff is that we all belong to different generations and are perpetually inspired by each other’s fashion. Let’s examine how Generations X, Y, and Z have impacted the fashion industry and their differences.

Generation X, Y and Z

Generation X grew up during societal change, political turmoil, and the emergence of countercultures. During their early years, disco declined, and punk, grunge, and the alternative rock scene emerged.

Flamboyant hues, shoulder pads, and leg warmers characterised the 1980s. The 1990s witnessed the rise of grunge, characterised by plaid shirts, ripped denim, and combat boots.

During this period, brands like Gap, Levi’s, and Calvin Klein became iconic. In this era, MTV significantly impacted fashion patterns, and music videos became an important source of style inspiration.

Generation Y (born between 1981 and 1996):

This generation grew up with technology integral to their daily existence. Early millennials witnessed the incredible rise of pop culture icons such as Britney Spears and ‘NSYNC, which substantially impacted fashion. Baggy denim, crop tops, platform shoes, and frosted lip gloss defined the early 2000s.

Generation Y Apparel Fashion

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With the proliferation of the internet, the globalisation of fashion increased. Websites and, later, social media platforms enabled rapid trend dissemination. With their online trend and digital power, millennials have increasingly turned to online purchasing, popularising brands such as Zara and H&M. [1]

In addition, they began focusing more on sustainability and ethical production in fashion, increasing eco-friendly brands.

Generation Z (Born 1997-2012):

Gen Z is the first generation to grow up in a wholly digital environment equipped with smartphones, social media, and instantaneous communication. This generation highly values individualism, diversity, and authenticity.

The aesthetics of E-girl, E-boy, and VSCO girl stem from this generation. They are propelling the trend of “upcycling” or reinventing old clothing into something new and trendy. Social media platforms, i.e. TikTok and Instagram, play an important role in dictating and disseminating fashion trends for Generation Z.

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They favour sustainable, ethical, inclusive, compelling even well-established brands to reconsider their marketing strategies.

Each generation, from X to Z, has its fashion identifiers, which are influenced by their eras’ sociocultural and technological contexts. While Generation X was characterised by rebellion and the search for individuality amid societal change, the Millennial generation embraced technology and globalised fashion.

Gen Z Wardrobe Essentials

To embrace Gen Z fashion trends, you must familiarise yourself with the wardrobe essentials that define your style. These essential items will help you incorporate a Gen Z aesthetic into your style.

Gen Z Wardrobe
  • Perspective on Luxury: Unlike millennials who often link luxury with glamorous outings like casino visits, Gen Z values the comfort of enjoying experiences from home.
  • Digital Experiences: Gen Z loves the convenience of online casinos, especially when they come with attractive bonuses. For example, Gen Z adults who gamble might be drawn to TshirtPlus’s free spins offer.
  • Signature Clothing Styles: Gen Z’s fashion leans towards oversized, gender-neutral items. Think relaxed-fit T-shirts, cozy sweaters, and broad pants. They love styles that break gender norms.
  • Popular Trends: Gen Z is all about streetwear and comfy sports attire. Essentials include joggers, hoodies, and sneakers. Pairing sporty items with regular clothes is a go-to look.
  • Vintage Love: Gen Z has a soft spot for vintage and thrifted finds. Shopping at thrift stores or online vintage shops can yield unique items like retro band tees and old-school denim jackets.
  • Bold Accessories: Gen Z isn’t shy about making statements with chunky shoes, big hats, layered jewellery, and vibrant patterns.
  • Eco-friendly Choices: Gen Z is passionate about sustainable fashion. They lean towards materials like organic cotton or recycled fabrics and support brands that promote ethical practices. Upcycling old clothes is also popular, making fashion both eco-friendly and unique.”

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Generation Z Trends in Millennial Fashion

Despite the distinct characteristics of Gen Z fashion trends, Millennials can still incorporate them into their style. Here are some suggestions for incorporating Gen Z fashion trends while maintaining Millennial fashion sensibilities:

Generation Z Trends in Millennial Fashion

Combining and Contrasting Styles

Try incorporating Gen Z trends into your existing wardrobe. Combining oversized garments with tailored garments or incorporating vintage accessories into contemporary ensembles. Create a fashion-forward ensemble that reflects both generations by utilising contrasts and juxtapositions.

Trying Out Different Colors and Patterns

Generation Z fashion incorporates vivid hues and daring patterns. Feel free to add a splash of color or a statement item to your garments. Mix various patterns, such as plaid with animal print, to add a touch of Gen Z eclecticism to your style.

Upcycling and Do-It-Yourself Fashion

Embrace Generation Z’s sustainable and inventive nature by engaging in upcycling and DIY fashion projects. Add embroidery, patches, or distressing to worn garments to give them a new lease on life. Explore online tutorials and suggestions for transforming your inventory into unique and personalised pieces.

Upcycling and Do-It-Yourself Fashion

Avoid Gen Z Fashion Trends

While adopting and adapting Gen Z fashion trends is essential, some styles may not resonate with Millennials or accord with their tastes. Here are some Gen Z fashion trends that you may wish to avoid:

  • The fashion of Gen Z frequently embraces maximalism with its bold colours, patterns, and statement items. While minimalism still has a place in manner, an extreme form of minimalism that lacks visual interest may not be compatible with the expressive nature of fashion among Gen Z. Find a balance that enables you to incorporate minimalist elements while still expressing your style.
  • Gen Z favors a relaxed and casual approach to clothing, but Millennials should avoid adopting this aesthetic in all settings. Maintain a balance by incorporating sophisticated elements into your formal and professional attire.
  • Extreme DIY or deconstructed fashion: Generation Z’s fondness for DIY and deconstructed garments can result in unconventional and avant-garde designs. Consider incorporating discreet DIY elements or opting for more polished versions of these trends if these extreme DIY or deconstructed looks don’t align with your style.


Understanding the fashion trends and styles that define each generation is essential for keeping up with the ever-changing fashion landscape. With their emphasis on individuality, sustainability, and self-expression, the fashion trends of Gen Z have swept the globe.

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[1] Social media’s impact on Gen Z’s well-being – MBN

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