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An In-depth Exploration of Australia’s Best Hoodie Brands

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A quintessential piece of clothing in any wardrobe, the hoodie serves more than just a practical purpose. It’s a fashion statement, an embodiment of personal style, and essential in the Australian winters. Despite the myriad of brands in the market, the question arises – which are the top hoodie brands in Australia? Let’s unravel the Australian hoodie scene.

The Appeal of the Hoodie

Over time, the humble hoodie has transformed from merely utility wear to an iconic fashion statement. Today, hoodies are celebrated for their comfort, versatility, and undeniably stylish appeal. They are donned by everyone from high school students to celebrities, making them an integral part of modern fashion culture. However, selecting the best hoodie can be challenging with many brands and styles.

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Understanding the Hoodie Materials

The quality of a hoodie largely depends on its material. Cotton hoodies, for example, are highly sought after for their warmth, durability, and comfort. French Terry, a variety of cotton, offers breathability, making it a popular choice for a pullover hoodie.

However, blends such as cotton-polyester offer durability and are often more affordable. High-quality materials provide comfort and warmth and ensure the hoodie retains its shape and colour over time.

Decoding Hoodie Styles

Hoodies come in various styles, including pullovers and zip-ups. The pullover hoodie, also known as a jumper in Australia, is a classic style that is easy to throw on and exudes a laid-back vibe. On the other hand, zip-up hoodies offer flexibility, as you can wear them open or closed, allowing for layering and versatility in style.

Best Quality Hoodies

Thousands of options are available for custom logo hoodies, so to simplify your decision, we have selected the top personalised hoodies available in the market. Read more about custom hoodie styles in 2023.

AS Colour Stencil Sweatshirt

AS Colour hoodies are renowned for their convenience and superior quality. The Stencil Hoodie has a standard fit and is constructed of 80% cotton and 20% polyester. The heavyweight, anti-pill fleece is ideal for custom logo additions, as it is simple to print and assures a vibrant, long-lasting design. It is an excellent option for corporate gifts, team wear, or staying warm.

Biz Collection Renegade Hoodie

Biz Collection, a reputable brand, offers the Renegade Hoodie, a versatile pullover that combines style and functionality. It is made of a soft polyester-cotton blend and has a fashionable, contemporary cut. The fabric’s soft, smooth surface makes it an ideal candidate for bespoke printing. It is a durable and stylish addition to your collection of custom hoodies.

JBs Wear 3FH Hoodie

The 3FH Hoodie from JBs wear, a prominent provider of quality workwear, is no exception. This pullover, made from a polyester and cotton fleece blend, is designed to be durable and comfortable. The garment design features a kangaroo pocket and a cape with drawstrings. It is an excellent base for screen-printed or embroidered logos and can be relied upon to maintain its quality, making it a perfect option for custom hoodies.

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Under Armour Hustle Fleece Pullover

Under Armour hoodies are a consumer favourite. The corporate UA Hustle Fleece Hoody is made from a soft polyester-blend fabric in various colours that complement your custom-embroidered logo. Not only do these sweatshirts make excellent corporate gifts, but they are also an excellent addition to your collection of sports team wear.

Patagonia Better Sweater

From Patagonia’s signature Better Sweater collection, these cosy corporate Patagonia fleece hoodies are soft and durable polyester fleece that keeps you toasty without overheating. Custom Patagonia quarter-zips and Patagonia Better Sweaters with your company logo on the right torso help your team stand out while staying warm.

Carhartt Midweight Hooded Sweatshirt

These custom Carhartt hooded sweatshirts are designed for the workplace and suitable for lounging around the home. These custom Carhartt hoodies are comfortable, robust, and long-lasting. Adding your company’s screen-printed logo makes them the ideal attire for your staff.

Champion Originals Triblend Hoodie

These lightweight Champion hoodies are ideal for the office or a chilly summer evening. They are created with comfort in mind, featuring a soft cotton blend and a relaxed hem. Add your team’s embroidered logo to create custom Champion hoodies that everyone will adore.

Under Armour Rival Fleece Hoodie

These custom Under Armour hoodies for men have everything. They are constructed from an exceptionally soft and cosy fleece fabric, so you will never want to remove them. In addition, they are available as both a custom pullover with a kangaroo pocket and a full-zip sweatshirt with a corporate logo. It simply does not get any better than that!

New Balance Travel Hoodie

Some may be surprised by New Balance’s return to prominence… until they put on these custom New Balance Travel Hoodies. They are constructed of a breathable cotton-poly blend and feature a snug submersible hood. These sweatshirts are ideal for team warm-ups because of their athletic appearance and performance fabric.

Top Brands to Shop!

AS Colour – Comfort Meets Style

Recognised for its high-quality cotton hoodies, AS colour has established itself as a reliable brand among enthusiasts. The brand’s pullover hoodie with a tasteful logo patch perfectly exemplifies its commitment to merging comfort and fashion. Moreover, their French Terry fabric ensures breathability while providing necessary warmth.

Biz Collection – Functionality meets Trend

Biz Collection is a formidable competitor offering a combination of style and functionality. Their ready hoodie, available in many colours, is designed for the trendy at heart. Their zip-up hoodie, crafted from superior materials, promises durability and warmth.

JBs Wear

Jbs Wear is also one of the best garments suppliers in Australia. Their quality must be different from their industry.

Why are Hoodies Expensive?

Good-quality branded hoodies can come with a hefty price tag, which reflects the cost of high-quality materials and ethical manufacturing processes. Despite the initial investment, a well-made hoodie will provide comfort and style for many seasons, offering value for money in the long run.

Choosing the Right Colour Hoodie

Colours can impact the versatility and overall appeal of your hoodie. A black hoodie, for example, can be worn with almost anything and is perfect for any occasion. Bright colours can pop your outfit and make a bold statement. When selecting a hoodie colour, consider your existing wardrobe and personal style.

The Popularity of the Hoodie

The hoodie has become a timeless fashion piece due to its adaptability. It can be paired with jeans for a relaxed look or worn under a blazer for a smart casual style. The choice between baggy or fitted depends on personal preference and the desired aesthetic.

Concluding Thoughts

From the practical pullover to the flexible zip-up, these Australian hoodie brands have mastered creating hoodies that resonate with diverse style preferences. Their blend of comfort, style, and quality has made the humble hoodie a wardrobe staple.

However, nothing beats the allure of a custom-designed hoodie. At Garment Printing, we offer you the opportunity to create a hoodie that truly represents your style. With high-quality materials and advanced printing techniques, you can design a hoodie that you’ll love to wear. Start your journey to create the perfect hoodie with us today.

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