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Foil Printing Ideas for Custom T shirt Business

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In the custom T shirt design trends the foil printing is coming back into fashion in 2022. Though foil printing has been in practice from the last few years and it catches everyone’s attention from the 4 colour printing into the gloss, metallic and shimmery outlook. There are several colours, finishes and tones that are readily available to brighten up your custom t shirt ideas for your online store new arrivals and sell like hot cakes.

In this article we will focus on the foil printing custom design ideas and possible innovations to make your t shirt catch more attention on the online market as compared to the traditional four colour simple printing.

Always be a Mermaid Foil T-shirt Design
Always be a Mermaid Foil T-shirt Design

Foil Printing T Shirt Design Ideas 2022

Foil Printing is a great invention to add the metallic and reflective elements into your custom t shirt designs. It passed its test and has a huge fan following. People who like to wear foil printed custom t shirts wanted to show and carry the metallic colours on this piece of apparel. Through that they wanted to look different and grab attention to have a unique taste in t shirt design choices. By the fashion trends of 2022 the creative approach to foil printing t shirt is inclined towards the combination and mix of flat and metallic colours together.

We are sharing the best design themes and the combination of traditional t shirt printing ideas by integrating foil effect to add the awe factor to this most popular and favourite piece of clothing in the world. The shimmer effect, metallic foils and reflective gloss printing will emerge as the new custom design trend in the printing industry for upcoming t shirt businesses.

Enjoy Every Moment Foil Printed Design
Enjoy Every Moment Foil Printed Design

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Concept Quotes

The t-shirt is a great medium to speak your heart out without really saying it. Youth, especially those who are the major buyers of t shirt in the whole world, like to carry their thoughts and ideas about life on this piece of apparel. The theme quotes and lettering with an overlap of metallic, shimmery shapes or graphics can be a perfect custom design for your online business. Similarly, young girls and guys like to get their name printed on the t shirts with their favourite symbol that defines their personality. So by all means the foil printing on t-shirts has the potential to attract many buyers to your innovative designs.

Stardust Foil Design
Stardust Foil Design

Rock Band Fan

Music is a great pull factor to get the attention of youth to your product and sell your custom t shirts. It will be a smart idea to integrate the interest of the young generation through the rock band graphics of the popular music bands, legends and contemporary artists.

On the other hand you can reach out to the musical bands and suggest them to get their metallic t shirts printed and get a free publicity and fan following wearing their Foil t shirts all around.

Rock n Roll Gold Foil Design
Rock n Roll Gold Foil Design

All In One

The collage of different symbols, and elements of design in a graphic is also a very popular type of thematic idea for foil printing especially amongst the artistic and sensitive kind of people. In such t shirt thematic ideas the combination of colours with foil and flat shades will be an interesting mix which incorporates diverse elements all on one t shirt.

All in One Custom Foil Print Design
All in One Custom Foil Print Design

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Bold and Deadly T Shirt Design

There are a whole lot of youngsters who like bold, weird and rough imagery like skulls, spider web, weapons and ideas of destruction and rebellion. They are the ones who like to wear their inner mind and challenge the in place systems as a world being an unfair place for some as compared to few others.

Themes of death, end of time, war and oppression are thematic areas which can catch the attention of people with different and rebellious ideas.

Bold and Deadly T Shirt Design
Bold and Deadly T Shirt Design

Personal Statement to Brand Promotion

A splash of foil print in bright gold with a compliment of “you are awesome”, is the all time favourite birthday gift for a friend. Don’t hesitate to keep a t- shirt design series with the option of custom printing of foil and colour together. This will be that hot selling idea that we mentioned earlier.

Also it is a very handy merchandise item for the corporate brand to integrate their logo or brand tagline for any mid and large scale promotion campaign.

You are Awesome Gold Foil Lettering Design
You are Awesome Gold Foil Lettering Design

Round Off

Foil Printing on a custom design t shirt is coming back as a potential fashion trend of 2022 with the combination of flat colors over lapped with metallic graphics. It will be an interesting trend that we will witness in the coming days. This article suggests the top five t shirt design ideas of using foil printing with the combination of flat colours. This innovative experiment helps create a successful new line of t shirt business online stores.

Image Source: Shutterstock

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