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Weekend As Vacation Casual T-shirt

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The weekend is the most awaited time of a week on which the hard-working Aussies rely to relax and refuel themselves to a fresh start of another run of routine. I love wearing my old casual t-shirt on the weekend, which says “Find The Magic Of This Moment” with a margarita glass in one hand and a book in the other. 

However, we observed that the weekend of Australia is looked at from two different perspectives. The first ones wanted to treat it like self-pampering and wellness time, and the other feels that it will be over and we will go back to the same old routine, so what is the point of distracting the mind for two days.

Girl Enjoying on Weekend in Casual Outfit
Girl Enjoying on Weekend in Casual Outfit

Our Weekends Should be Like Casual T-shirts

Weekends should be like your casual t-shirts. This is a new metaphor I invented after realizing the mechanics of the relationship between a worker and a workplace. So, for example, on the weekdays, because wearing heels and a tie is mandatory, you would get yourself out from them and pick up a casual t-shirt to wear the moment you get home and obviously on the weekends too.

Group of Friends Enjoying their Weekend
Group of Friends Enjoying their Weekend

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Here we analyze these two points of view to understand which one offers a better approach and how it positively affects our psychological mind. But, first, let’s examine the reasons for our discomfort and resistance towards the weekdays at work. There are three main factors which make you feel unhappy at work.

  1. You are feeling a lack of competence to carry out the assigned work. [either you think it or your subordinates make you feel that way, but on the other hand, we also hear that life is about learning new things]
  2. Human beings want to feel autonomous where they can choose what to do and how to do it? [Offices and workplace rules and codes of ethics makes you feel almost powerless]
  3. We constantly look for the positive and meaningful relationships in our surrounding and social set up [Workplaces demands the delivery and objective approach to get the work done and not worry about your emotional state as a priority]
Stressed at Office
Stressed at Office

The workplace structure has an inbuilt element of making people work a certain way and keep them busy and productive without considering their personal emotional needs. The workplace looks at you as a service provider, and they pay you for your time, and the work you do, which is a business setup, sounds ok but not compassionate. But, if you understand, this is the deal we have, and after spending a good five days supporting the company, you deserve a fabulous time. A weekend is the time where you are the boss of your own life and choose what you want to do and the way you like to do it. 

Casual Weekend Vacation Ideas

Now you understand the situation of the limitations of the workplace and your disconnect from your happiness. Therefore, we highly recommend you look forward to and design your weekend as a short vacation. You ensure that you are fulfilling the above mentioned three factors to make your weekend well spent. 

Feel Competent

Indulge yourself into your compassion space. Think of your favourite hobby that you could not pursue because of your job routine. Be it music playing or listening, reading a book or writing poetry, gardening if you are a nature lover or just sitting idle and looking at the sky if that makes you feel relaxed. Spend a day at ease and be compassionate towards yourself.

Father having fun with Daughter on Weekend
Father having fun with Daughter on Weekend

Be Autonomous

Choose what you want to do without any pressure of getting done and moving on. I understand that you keep a list of chores for grocery shopping and household fixing on the weekend. Integrate these to-do lists in your casual weekend plan and find fun in these activities too like we use to wear casual t-shirt as our go-to wardrobe. You have to train your mind to switch off from work and feel autonomous on the weekend by not rushing into things.

Grocery Shopping with Family
Grocery Shopping with Family

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Meaningful Relationship Building

Meaningful and positive relationship building is an innate need of a human being. We, at times, misunderstood it by only thinking of meeting the same friends and family just as a routine ritual. The mantra of casual weekend demands you to break the routine in its entirety. So, go out, meet new people, join a social group or jamming session, and get to know what other people of your age groups are doing and thinking. Exploring yourself through others will fulfil your need for positive relationship building.

Relationship Building
Relationship Building

Rounding Off

This article is a good read for the people whose work routine is strictly nine to five, and they have a weekend to relax. We unfold the psychological tension they feel at the workplace and carry it on their weekend by not treating themselves well. We suggest making your weekend like a casual t-shirt that is the most comfortable to wear in your whole wardrobe. You must treat and pamper yourself well and make your weekend like a mini vacation. You will see how it positively affects your mental peace and happiness on weekdays too. Happy weekend. Chao!

Image Source: Shutterstock

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